November 2, 2010

Def pure Guide F2P in Runesacpe

Step 1. Go to and create an account. Finish the tutorial.

Step 2. You will need to get a bit of money. Complete the Stronghold of security. You get 10k and a nice pair of boots. Be careful. Bring some armour and go in. There are very high level monsters and they can kill you. Complete the Stronghold of player security. (Google it, there will be guides to complete it)

Step 3.Get an iron full hem,leather chaps and a leather body and a bow and arrows. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Get Kayles sling or a normal sling. It shoots fast and dosent use any ammo which means it dosent use arrows.(Optional) Cape, necklace or some other sort of decoration. Go to falador and kill chickens. Collect the feathers for some easy profit aswell as some good xp. Do this until range 10. Do not use the longrange attack option as that will train defence, which you will not need.

Step 4.Once you have passed 10 ranged go to monks at Edgeville. Kill them. No food is required. Just talk to the monks and they will heal you. Do this until 20 ranged.

Step 5. Once your 20 ranged go to the Grand Exchange and buy a pair of studded chaps and a coif. There not expensive. Continue training until 30 ranged.

Step 6.  When you have reached 30 ranged go to Edgeville and train on the men inside the house just up a bit from the bank. Collect bones and earth talismans which will earn you a nice profit. NOTE: If you would like to traain faster but waste some money, then go to the G.E(Grand Exchange) and but a maple shortbow and Bronze, Iron or if your a little richer, Steel arrows and use those to train. Train until level 40 ranged.

Step 7. Once you have reached 40 ranged(WooHooo good work) buy a pair of Green d’hide chaps. They have a defence bonus between Steel and Mithril platelegs and they have a good ranged attack bonus and good magic defence. Go to guards at varrock and go behind a fence and range them from there. Do this until 50 ranged. Congrats!! You have just finished the range part o this guide. Now onto melee training.

Melee Part

Step 1. Buy an iron full helm and an iron platebody and equipt it. Buy an iron scimitar and wield it. Keep your green d’hide chaps on as they give a better defence bonus than iron platelegs. Go to the Monks where you trained range and train 5 strength and 5 attack. DO NOT train defnece, as this will spoil all your hard work as a 1 def pure. Buy a steel scimitar and equip it. Keep on training at monks until 20 strength and 20 attack.

Step 2. Buy a mithril scimitar, NOTE: Dont buy a black scimitar at lvl 10 attack as it is a waste of money. Do it if you want to, but its not worth it. Go to guards at varrock and train on the guards. Bring some food, just in case. 

Step 3. Train your strength and attack to lvl 30. Keep on training at guards or if you like you may go back to monks. When you reach 30 attack and str go buy an adamant scimitar. Trust me, its worth it.

Step 4. Train your Attack and strength to 40. I hope you have enough money because you will need to buy a rune scimitar. They’re priced at about 30k each. Keep on training strength but do not train attack anymore. My recomended strength level is about 50-55 strength.

This is what your final stats shoud be.

40 attack

55 strength

55 hp

50 ranged

and Your combat level should be 43

No go out there with a full invo of lobsters and a strength potion and rune 2h and go pwn!!!!

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