November 2, 2010

Summoning Guide in Runesacpe

The dream of having a Steel Titan crush your foes. A companion for your adventuring. The deadliest special attacks unleashed on your foe. A cuddly dog following you around runescape. This all can be done with summoning, and a whole lot more…

The summoning skill was a long awaited skill and proved to match construction, for it was a very big skill that all came out at once on January the 15th, 2008.

It is a members only skill which you can only use after you complete the quest Wolf Whistle. Unlike other skills, summoning is a temporary skill, meaning that whatever you do will disappear if time allows. Just like Construction, it has received minor bug fixes and updates after released, but did not get a major update for some time. The summoning skill just like prayer, gets drained slowly when using familiars/having them summoned. It allows players to infuse to essence of a variety of monsters/creatures into what runescape calls summoning pouches, which when used can summon these creatures called familiars. Each familiar has a different ability that requires a summoning scroll, made from the same kind of pouch which is used to use the ability.

Familiars: These are the main point of summoning. Each have a certain time period in which they stay, and a certain level requirement to summon them. There are many types of familiars, to titans, ants, crabs, unicorns, and almost anything else you can imagine. They can aid you during battle, help you in a particular skill, help you in doing something, or carry loads for you. In PVP, it is very common to use them during battle as it is a advantage over the other players.

Pets: This is perhaps one of the most pointless things in Summoning, yet fun all the same. To have a certain pet, you need the required summoning level, and it is advised that when you let the pet follow you, you feed it or it will run away. Hunger can be monitored in the summoning tab, and once the tab thing goes up to 100%, your pet will leace. Almost every pet has 2 stages, a baby/hatchling/chick, and when the pet gets bigger, you don’t have to feed it as much. Once your summoning level gets past 10, you can talk to them.

Now that you know a little about summoning, let me tell you that this was just a BRIEF introduction. The tip of the iceberg of Summoning. The skill does add up to your total combat level just like other skills like attack, strength, defence, prayer, magic, and ranging. Good Luck on getting 99 summoning or just having fun with summoning!

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