October 19, 2010

New Combat Sound Effects

Before today, all of RuneScape’s sound effects were made using a synthesiser. While this tool is great for a variety of sounds and effects, it is particularly hard to make voices and ‘real world’ sounds with it. We have now updated the game engine to allow us to add ‘real’ sound effects instead of synthesised ones.

We have wanted to improve our sound effects for a long time, in particular the sound of human combat, so we are delighted to announce the following updates to RuneScape’s audio:

  • New player hit/death sound effects (for male and female characters)
  • New human NPC hit/death sound effects
  • New armour sound effects (for players and NPCs)
  • New sound effects for cows, sheep, chickens, goats, bears and unicorns
  • New sounds for Woodcutting and Mining
  • Sound effects are now in stereo

This is only the start of the updates we plan to do with audio thanks to this technology update. We are really excited about this process and also want to get all of you involved, so will be running some polls in the near future concerning upcoming audio updates. We hope that you enjoy the new sound effects and we welcome your feedback.

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