October 20, 2010

Best place to kill greed dragons in Runescape

Sure, there are tons of places where there are green dragons, but do you know the best place? The best place will get you an inventory of bones and hides every 10minutes. Also, it’s close to a bank!

What you need to bring:

Good melee defence armor if you’re using melee.
Good range boosting/melee defence armor if using ranged.
A good weapon. Melee: Whip+DDS. Ranged: Mithril/Adamant/Broad bolts or better.
Ranged potion for rangers.
Combat potion for melee.
Anti-dragon shield or Dragon-fire shield.

Start at the Grand Exchange. Go northwest to the agility shortcut. Go under the wall. Now, go east until you see a beacon where you light fires. Go straight north of the beacon until you see a rift. Go into it and you’ll be in the chaos tunnels. Now you will be in the spiders room. Go into the portal in the south part of the room.

And now you’re at the Green Dragons! Drink a dose of your potion and attack them. There are 5 dragons in total. The best part to this is that there’s a lot of people, so you will kill a lot faster, but this also means you have to hit high. I recommend around 90 strength and 80 attack if you’re not using potions.

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