December 12, 2012


Most of us know that within each update RS is turning into shit. Yes some people actually enjoy the updates including EoC.. But lets be real the majority of us DO NOT WANT THIS SHIT.

I’ve been reading the Jagex forums and they had a interview with the mods and it’s all about their plans with the game. They say EoC is just that start. They talk about how the reason most of the players want the old RS is because of the fond memories we had during this time period. I partially agree but it’s not entirely true..

They want to upgrade the game to future as they say.. What? Adding advanced combat and combat bar for our abilities is the future of online games? Pretty sure this has been out forever.. And us RS players know this. The REASON why most of players that want the OLD RS back is because how good it was. I don’t know about you guys but I enjoyed RS for it being simple. Not for the new graphics, new weapons, new combat, etc. IF I wanted this I would of played WoW or something along the line. And yes I did quit RS a bit to play WoW for a few years and I’ve had a great experience with WoW.

The reason I think Jagex is turning the game into shit is because of them being blind. They believe doing massive updates will bring new and old players back. Why would a new player want to play Runescape with the new updates knowing they could play WoW, with the game content Jagex is pushing, at a better, organized, and funner pace? And I’m sure as hell don’t know why an old player would want to play RS with these shitty updates.

They are blind of why people want to play RS, it’s for the simplicity not the game content they’re currently pushing.

And yes I know this doesn’t go for everyone, alot of players do like the updates and would play RS for the game content Jagex is pushing due to it being cheaper, etc.

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