December 19, 2012

Just because some guy with no morals

The boss said one of my classmate who run a bigger company than me, just using this way (washing online game data) made more than $1,000,000 in one game, it surprised me. When i heard of this news, i can not help me to say why i never got those chance, maybe we can do it too. and asked my brother to find some guy who can supply the online game data. this thing disturb me, made me feel upset, one reason is i do not like do those illigal thing, i feel it is not fair, just because of those things existing, made our business look like a grey business, if there is no hacking, no stealing, i belive the business of us have its own value, its own worth.

Just because some guy who with no morals, dirty our business, this thing hurt our Chinese image. i confess if i have the chance to do those type of things, i should attend it too, because there is a huge profit upon it, less people can keep from its contemption. but thanks for the RS Gold
, he did not give me the chance, i only did the business which i have the feeling of fairness. I have been doing online game items buying and selling for more than 8 years, i have made an amazing money too, so i thank the online game, but the money compared with those guys who do not have the morals is too little, and i have spend much spirit and time on it, i remeber at the beginning stadge, i only can sleep about 4 hours per day.

Yesterday afternoon, my brother visited  another company with the same business with our, and told me that the boss of this company was an worker in another giant company in Zhe Jiang province, China, who can get more than 130,000 USD per day\’s sale. i never make clear those sales entirely of online game items like us, maybe they still sell some real products made in china.

It last for about 6 months, no people trust me can make money, after i bought one house, my family start to support me to do this. heard the news who made $1,000,000  off one online game, this made me feel bad, but now i feel better now, because i know in this world, there is no an end to compete, even he made $1,000,000 per day, still have some one who can make more than that, if he can not saticified with what he made now, he will not feel happy too. i belive there should be many people else admire me, they are poor than me. my life is very good now, so i must be happy, so i stop to be upset about what other\’s achieved. I told me that just try to do my best, no matter what other\’s doing, which position i can reached, somehow depend the God.

During their conversations my brother know this company only can sell about 1000 usd per day, and have about 20 workers, most worker have a low salary, but his company\’s working place is very big, open. give people a feeling of standard. but what business he did is illegal, they bought  online game data to wash, wash mean they know some online gamer\’s game account ID and PW, they just try to use these game account informations to login game, if logined, they will took all the expensive online game items of that account, and then sell it to their customers.

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