December 20, 2012

The array of Runescape Money gameplay enhancements

From now on, the array of Runescape Money gameplay enhancements and improvements that the Evolution of Combat brings as described here  are yours to use in the live game. New features such as adrenaline, abilities and the all-new action bar not to mention dual wielding, distinct combat styles and damage type resistance and vulnerability – add fathoms of depth to RuneScape’s combat system.

Those of your Runescape Money logging in from this weekend will find a refreshed and revised list of worlds in the game’s “World Select” screen. We’ve not done an update to the worlds in a while, so we’re taking this opportunity to make some adjustments, better reflecting your current needs and preferences. We’re making three types of change.

1,We’ve re-examined which worlds are placed under heavier burden and are better configuring our server architecture around this. It should mean lower latency during busy periods.

2,We’re updating the activity labels for many worlds to better reflect your interests and most popular activities. Mod Emilee has been running brainstorming workshops on the forums for the last month to gather ideas and feedback, and we think we’ve been able to accommodate the vast majority of your requests! We’re added a bunch of new activities and reducing the quantity of duplicates for the less popular activities. Of course, remember that the activity labels are just recommendations – you’re free to use the worlds however you wish!

3,Over the last few years, members have come to be a higher proportion of our player base. As such, we’re changing several previously free-to-play worlds to members’ worlds. Members should have the best possible experience, and we hope that this will allow members more breathing room and choice of worlds.


•Are you removing any worlds?
No. We’re just relabelling or changing the configuration of existing worlds.

•Is this because of the lag during the last Bonus XP Weekend?
In part, yes. The event really highlighted the need for us to better balance server load for events and peak times, and especially underscored the burden being placed on members’ worlds.

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