August 15, 2015

FIFA 16 supports the PES 2016 download demo


The biggest competitor to FIFA 16 is coming hard this year with a very early PES 2016 demo release on Xbox One and PS4. PES 2016, or Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, is a rival to the better known in the U.S.

The PES 2016 demo download is available now on PS4 and Xbox One as a free digital download. There is no confirmation of a FIFA 16 demo yet, but it is something EA typically offers about two weeks before the FIFA release date.

Gamers can download the PES 2016 demo now on the PS4 and Xbox One free, without the need to join any early access programs like EA currently offers for Madden 16.

In the PES 2016 demo gamers can choose to play a 7-minute or 10-minute match with a small selection of teams. Choose from AS Roma, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Corinthians, Palmeiras and national teams for Brazil and France. There are options for weather and difficulty.

You can start the PES 2106 demo download on your console, though at this time it is only available in Australia and New Zealand. We expect the full release will bring the U.S. PES 2016 demo download to PS4 and Xbox One shortly. The PES 2016 demo download size is 3.3GB, which should go fast for most users.

PES 2016

There is no mention of a PS3 or Xbox 360 PES 2016 demo download in the works. The game is coming to older consoles, but a demo looks limited to the current generation of gaming systems.

Dynamic Weather – weather can change during a match and influence play.
Goalkeeper ID – Personality to each keeper with new parameters for actions.
Revamped Master League – Complete overhaul with a new player transfer system.

Celebration Control – Complete control of the celebration after a goal.
Image Importing on PS4 and PS3 – Import images of players for realistic looking teams and kit.

The PES franchise is not as well-known and supported in the U.S. as FIFA 16, but this offers a great chance for players to see how PES 2016 compares to FIFA, well ahead of the release dates for both games.



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