August 15, 2015

How Arsenal’s FIFA 16 Players to be Rated


Player Ratings

We have hit the point where FIFA 15 may start to breed an unquenchable internal thirst for FIFA 16. Of course, EA Sports is a tricky bugger that does not release their FIFA-child until a month after the season commences, adding to the torture.

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That being said, FIFA 16 is now only about forty days away and I am sure that I am not alone in saying that the days are literally dragging on until the release.

And so, with that in mind, we have to wonder how Arsenal’s players will be rated in the next installment of FIFA. There were many grumblings that Arsenal players were underrated (Giroud… a 79?!) in FIFA 15 and I am in partial agreement. Hector Bellerin was still kicking it at a 67 by the time the season ended and Francis Coquelin was at 75.

Those are two key players that rose to glory with Arsenal but the all-wise, all knowing FIFA overlords saw their contributions as puny. Fair enough. Lets hope the FIFA overlords are pleased with Arsenal for FIFA 16.

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