August 15, 2015

how some EA Sports Game developers see Arsenal



FIFA 16 is just around the corner, and by the corner, I of course mean another month and a half away. With the coming of FIFA, we will have brand new evaluations for how some EA Sports Game developers see Arsenal and as such, we will have brand new things to complain about, because a handful of guys will inevitably get the short end of the stick.

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Last year, there were several guys that got hit with a pretty unfortunate rating. The first of which was Olivier Giroud.

Out big Frenchman was never a highly-praised forward, mostly because his goals were not flashy or brilliant, they were just goals. As such, EA Sports saw fit to gift him with a 79 player rating. You know who else was rated 79? Vedad Ibisevic, Kevin Gameira, Oscar Cardozo – yeah, all guys that you put on Olivier Giroud’s level.

Laurent Koscielny’s 81 was also painfully low. The interceptions master is consistently one of the best defenders in the Premier League and his rating was equal to Martin Skrtel, Mamadou Sakho and Branislav Ivanovic. Hardly guys that you would put Koscielny in the same group as.

Finally, Alexis Sanchez was never given the rating that he earned. An 84 rating is great, but for a world-class striker like Alexis who dominates games completely by himself, being rated the same as Gonzalo Higuain and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar while being beat out in the ratings by Wayne Rooney and Angel Di Maria just is not right.

Hopefully FIFA will fix these things in the coming edition, but they cannot get everything right.

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