September 26, 2010

How to Get a Skill Cape

Skillcapes are rewards to people whom have a Level 99 in any skill. People who wear it can show them off to others. This article will show you how to get one.

1.Work in any skill, such as woodcutting, fishing, or combat. There are several wikiHow articles for you to read on how to achieve a high level or a level 99 in a specific skill.
Fishing, woodcutting, fletching, hunter, mining, smithing, and firemaking.

2.Understand that to achieve the Quest Cape, you must complete all free or members quest if you are a member you need to do all of it. If a new quest comes out, the cape will then be put into your inventory until you complete the new quests. If your inventory is full, it will be put into your bank. And if your bank space is full, it is then given to the Wise Old Man for him to hold onto.

3.Know that no skill is easy to raise. It can take a few months, depending on how long you work on it or if you switch skills every so often.

4.Talk to the specific skill tutor. They will ask for 99,000 GP for the cape


1.If you wish to concentrate more, disable any chat and try to focus on one skill.

2.A big problem with going for some 99 skills is that you get bored fast. A few ways around this is listening to music, talking to people, reading, watching TV, or whatever you do while your person is preforming a task and needs no attention (Keep the audio on to hear when your person stops doing the task). This doesn’t work with all skills, some good ones would be Woodcutting and Fishing. and ones you can’t do this with would be Fm and any Combat skills.

3.Power-skill by either dropping items on the ground (if you are woodcutting or fletching) or making runs to the closest bank (fishing at Catherby). Use all of these items to merchant and make money for the cape.

4.To get trimmed capes, you need to get at least two skills up to level 99. When you get the second cape, both capes will become trimmed. However, hoods can’t be trimmed.

5.Skill Capes are members only.

Tying to earn a skill cape in combat at a low level could lead to death, and it’s annoying when you have to buy your armor back or anything you were wearing. (e.g. rainbow boots) Earning money is tricky sometimes unless you have a good way of earning money fast.

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