March 7, 2014

The same Runescape is not the same experience


RS gold World fierce battle arena in the bloody war continued, but Yishenshidan heroes who must move forward on the battlefield, no timid, bold dash forward, before the battle, to slay the enemy, in order to defend the country or seized political power, set the credit.

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Six Nations hegemony winner-takes:
In Runescape World, a total opening Qi, can be an alliance between Chu, Qin, Han, Tang, Song six countries , between countries, against the common enemy, of course, can also be irreconcilable, fought his country. Runescape Gold World the state and war between countries is very touching, and the scene is spectacular. In addition to the national war is to promote large-scale fighting between two or more States players, the daily number of multinational task will scale fighting.

Battle flags infinite passion:
In cross-border war, swords and guns Jianying, surrounded by flowers. Maybe next if not very strong case, has become yet another shot on the sword of the Spirit, and how to do? In Runescape World, there is such a prop called banners, banners a plug, after death, you can choose the banners near the security resurrection, so place the resurrection of both the saved money, but it does not have to travel long distances, but also keep pace with a large force, fought a bloody war with the enemy, the enemy is refreshing.

Attack battle flag, destroyed the foundation:
Banners role in gang warfare is very large, bring the greatest benefits to the user , but the banners can be attacked once blood has been finished, the banners will be destroyed.So, when fighting on the battlefield, not blindly thinking recklessly with the enemy, we must pay attention to what the enemy is in the vicinity of the insertion banners, if any, must be a priority of its death, the destruction of the foundation, so that when they I did not dare to place in situ, the other fighting force will be gradually weakened, or fronts are stretched. Of course, the battle flag was destroyed can be inserted, but each player can only be inserted every day ten times, so run times, and can only rely on the in situ or on foot.

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