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Where To Get The Main Currency In Madden NFL 18 Game

Madden NFL 18 is the best American football game, suitable for both expert players and those who have just discovered the franchise. The game has a wide variety of game modes, such as the new Longshot, and a spectacular technical finish thanks to the use of Frostbite. Players need to create the gears, and other NFL items to equip character well. To collect these materials, players need many Madden Coins to trade with others to accomplish the goal!


Madden Coins is required for vanity items in game. Madden 18 coins also is required to purchase premium account status. Most important thing is that Madden 18 Coins is main currency in game. Gamers need Madden 18 Coins to trade to other players directly or the marketplace.

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Madden NFL 18: MUT Is The Complete NFL Team-Building Mode

In Madden 18, Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) is the complete NFL team-building mode using your favorite NFL players from the past and present. If you’re a long term player or a Madden rookie, you will love Madden 18, more and more players enjoy playing Madden 18, so they are used to buy madden 18 coins. Madden 18 NFL 18 takes a significant visual leap delivering the greatest looking Madden of all time with the power of the Frostbite engine.

Madden 18

As know, Madden Ultimate Team is getting a 3 VS 3 mode which means that team play returns to Madden NFL’s online lineup. This has been an even bigger area of contention amongst fans considering it was removed simply because it probably wasn’t being used enough to justify its infrastructure. Luckily it’s been implemented in MUT which means it will probably be here to stay.

We’ve touched on Madden Ultimate Team but let’s focus specifically on why fans should feel optimistic about this mode heading into Madden NFL 18. If you are a fan of Ultimate Team, then you should feel confident that it will be as solid or even better than last year’s version. If you are expected more from Madden NFL 18, you could take into account visit website to know more the latest news and guides.

Madden NFL 18 is not just another half step forward in sporting game terms – a description that is often true of sports games – but a complete overhaul of an experience that had become tired. This game’s well-known mode Longshot is far less match-driven than the journey – apart from flashback sequences to Wade’s high school days, actual football gameplay is short and sweet. You are capable of buying madden 18 coins from U4GM.

Madden 18: The Best Defensive Ends

NFL fans: Soon you can test your skills at Madden 18. Madden-Store shows which defensive endings of EA Sports have received the best ranking. In addition to the top five, we also introduce other players who should also be mentioned for their values (Honorable Mention).


Honorable Mention with Wake, Bosa, Bennett

Cameron Wake (Miami Dolphins) – Overall rating: 89
Melvin Ingram (L. A. Chargers) – Overall Rating: 89
Joey Bosa (L. A. Chargers) – Overall Rating: 88
Michael Bennett (Seattle Seahawks) – Overall Rating: 90
Cliff Avril (Seattle Seahawks) – Overall rating: 86
Jason Pierre-Paul (New York Giants) – Overall Rating: 88
Olivier Vernon (New York Giants) – Overall Rating: 88

Rank 5: Calais Campbell (Jacksonville Jaguars)

Overall Rating: 91
Awareness: 89
Speed: 73
Acceleration: 82
Agility: 80
Strength: 87

Rank 4: Cameron Jordan (New Orleans Saints)

Overall Rating: 92
Awareness: 90
Speed: 79
Acceleration: 86
Agility: 78
Strength: 91

Rank 3: Brandon Graham (Philadelphia Eagles)

Overall Rating: 95
Awareness: 88
Speed: 79
Acceleration: 86
Agility: 82
Strength: 86

Rank 2: J. J. Watt (Houston Texans)

Overall Rating: 98
Awareness: 88
Speed: 78
Acceleration: 83
Agility: 75
Strength: 97

Rank 1: Aaron Donald (Los Angeles Rams)

Overall Rating: 99
Awareness: 90
Speed: 83
Acceleration: 90
Agility: 82
Strength: 94

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Madden NFL 18 Was The First Placed In The Games

Market research group NPD released its report on the gaming industry in August. In the consoles, the Nintendo Switch was the best-selling, above the PS4 and Xbox One, while in the games, Madden NFL 18 was the first placed.

US game sales generated $ 282 million in August 2017, down 3 percent from the same period in 2017. Software sales in the first eight months of the year are $ 2.9 billion, less than 1% less than last year.


Combining games and hardware, total game sales in August were $ 568 million, down 2% from the same month in 2017. The accessories category, on the other hand, went up compared to 2017.

One of the great highlights of the month was GTA V, which even though it was originally released in September 2013 reached second place and became the biggest selling game ever in the United States. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy debuted in third place, counting only physical copies of the exclusive PS4 game.

See the full Top 10:

Madden NFL 18
Grand Theft Auto V
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Splatoon 2
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Rainbow Six Siege
Mario Kart 8
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Top 10 of PS4:

Madden NFL 18
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Grand Theft Auto V
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
Rainbow Six Siege MLB 17: The Show
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
Injustice 2
Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Top 10 of Xbox One:

Madden NFL 18
Grand Theft Auto V
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
Rainbow Six Siege
Forza Horizon 3
Injustice 2
Ghost Recon: Wildlands
For honor

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August 25 Madden 18 Will Not Have 4K And HDR Support

You will have to wait for the update.


USGamer reports that Madden 18, due to be released on August 25 this year, will not support 4K and HDR resolution on the PlayStation 4 Pro. Probably these options will be available for future updates.

As GameSpot adds, EA may be waiting for the launch of the Xbox One X in November this year. Then the EA should prepare a cumulative update for the two consoles in the 4K and HDR range. More Madden NFL 18 news we will post here in, you can keep eyes close in our site.

College Football Team Return to Madden 18

EA will resume college football in this year’s Madden 18, but will not resume full support. So what is the new thing will be revealed in Madden 18, and will we need a lot Madden NFL 18 coins at that time? Let us talk about more details about the Upcoming Madden 18.

Texas Longhorn and Oregon Ducks are revealed as part of the new Longshot story mode feature, and you can see the role you play as an NFL potential customer through the draft.

Longshot included in Madden 18 will be the first story mode for the NFL franchise game.


“Three years after the start of the game, played the first five-star high school quarterback Devin Wade (Devin Wade), because he finally shot to hear his name is NFL draft day.

“This forgotten university star by JR Lemon, came home to pursue her dream and found football redemption.”

All this points to the college football team back to Madden’s game, although it seems to have been revealed, but so far. So we need to prepare enough Madden 18 coins for the new game, then we could buy the best play cards for our team, which will help us win more in Madden 18.

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LongShot In Madden 18 Should Learn From These Games

If you are a Madden 18 fan, you will certainly find the most recent discussion is the most recent trailer launched in Madden NFL 18 mode. At the beginning of the release, most of the views of people are sure, they are very fond of the new play mode, is expected to play as soon as possible to Madden NFL 18.




But slowly, the player’s attitude has changed, some people think that the new play mode is good, but appear in this game is not a good start, because compared to other games in the same game mode, they are more interesting.

FIFA 17‘s The Journey story mode was praised by fans of the game. Developers at EA are claiming that Longshot is similar the The Journey, just more cinematic. That being said, anyone who’s played The Journey knows exactly what to expect. FIFA did it first, so why isn’t Madden innovating?

MLB 17‘s Road to the Show game mode also did it much better than what EA has presented to us. It really focuses in on developing your character and controlling the progression of your career. It does come with cinematics and narration, but doesn’t play like a movie. You might create a shortstop, and by the end of this campaign mode you’ll be playing an entirely different position. It’s almost like a sports RPG. I wish Madden had gone in this direction.

So maybe it is the first time EA Sports try the new play mode, there will inevitably be some flaws. But Longshot is better comparing to the previous Madden series, it is more interesting.

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