December 13, 2017

How To Change Your Equipment To Warmage Mythic


Mythic and set items have the same base stats. Both of those have marginally better base stats than ancient. Most of players wants to changing their equipment to mythic, and a few players are not sure what pieces should they look for exactly. Others can give you advice on how to change warmage mythic equipment.

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One of the players raised some questions:” Can you suggest what items should I be looking for? As I understand Bloodstained should be the best option for chest, but what about other slots? Also, how important is Mana reduction on Warmage because I never prioritized this stat?” Others suggested you should work toward a set with bonuses that you like. If you are worried about cash setting up a decent lvl of gear to grind 21 lupas isn’t hard for a war mage. Selling the sage stones makes for some pretty fast.

Plus, others say if youre going to want to prioritize capping cdr and crit chance, there’s no specific mythic you HAVE to get to do that. Mediah Magic Association bottoms do come with 5% cdr which can help cap but is NOT needed as they are very expensive. PVE wise Bloodstained robe is probably best but in PVP the 20% Elite/Boss monster attack wont help at all. Usually once you use Hallucination you shouldnt have to worry about MP, also using Marching Blade and Fire Clutches at the same time in between cooldowns keeps MP at a decent rate.

You will start to run into mana issues the closer you get to 50% cdr. And you have got enough soul points now it helps to be able to not need cdr on every piece freeing up a slot or 2 for mana reduction. As for gear, as has already been mentioned blood stained and mediah pants are both amazing. Overwhelming life ring is also incredible and I’m a big fan of the mediah earrings too if you can get good rolls. Apart from that you prolly need to be looking at set pieces, the 2 piece bonus for hallucintory is amazing for pve and the blood fest one is great for PVP if you havn’t looked into yet some of the morph gems that are made with sage stones are extremely nice too,¬†apart from that mythics are only better than ancients if you get good rolls as they can roll slightly higher stats. U wont get more AP or defense out of them. Another person added.


If you desire to changing your equipment to mythic, and lack of MU Legend Zen, you can find and buy in

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