PoE: Are You Extra Excited About SSF In Bestiary League?

I have played Path of Exile for a while now, and I feel like the capturing and sacrificing of beasts as a way to special craft is just going to make SSF even more fun/interesting. What about you? Let’s take a look the thoughts of other players:

Path of Exile

1. I am always surprised about people choosing SSF because they dislike the trade system. I mean how much trading did you actually do? In every league so far I have less than 2 tabs of sales, I don’t have 20 active live searches, I always get needed items in 1-2 whispers where in fact I have days where I don’t even buy things.

2. Finding things is a lot more fun. The sense of accomplishment is greater if you do find/craft what you need/want rather than just buy it for 10c. The game feels more rewarding overall. Even if your journey does not lead you as far or as fast as it would in regular league, the road itself is the goal.

3. It feels like a very different game because you are aiming consistently for multiple currencies to chance/alt-aug-regal/chaos spam and also uniques, div cards and etc can be more exciting.

In trade everything can feel like the conversion to chaos value so it doesn’t feel as exciting to find unique such as RotF or ngamahu because you think of it as its value in c instead of a build enabling item. The consequence is slower progress and map progression can feel agonizing because no drop and sometimes you just won’t have all the items you need to make a char work.

4. What are good starter SSF builds generally? I started SSF a couple weeks ago after years of HC and then SC challenge leagues. I am doing a solar guards spectre which and seems to be decent. Farmed Pen/Cage for chains that bind and was lucky enough to get an ES base for colors. Was using a flame golem / SG setup on the 6l with a clay shaper (2 FG/2 SG) until I got a Queens Decree for my 3rd Spectre, no bones or vis mortis yet. What’s your opinion?