Changed Price Whisper Scam In Path Of Exile

Have you ever been scammed when you were a new player in Path of Exile? Today, I will tell you how to prevent changed price whisper scam. This is a common scam as well and works as following:

The scammer will find any of your listed poe items on and copy the message gives them when they want to buy it.

Path of Exile

When they send this message they change your price within it. So for example if you had an item listed for 30 chaos they might change it to 15 chaos. They then hope you will not notice what you actually set the price of the item as and just trade them for the price they made up.

To prevent this scam, you should:

1. When you take your items out of stash to trade. Always check the price on them by hovering your mouse over them. On the bottom of the item it will say how much you have listed it for, the real price.

2. If you have alot of stash tabs you can name them things such as 1c, 10c, 20c etc. Then simply place the item within the tab of corresponding value when you want to sell it, so 10c items go in the 10c tab etc. This makes it so when the scammer sends you the whisper you will instantly notice it’s a scam. Because the message will say “Hi, I would like to buy X item listed for 15 chaos in X league (stash tab 30 chaos)”. It’s very easy to see here that you listed the item in the 30c tab but the scammer is trying to get you to sell it for 15.

3. If they change more about the message, just be wary of in what price tab you have the item and the price it’s listed as when you sell items.

Hopefully the above guide will be helpful to you. Of course, what we are talking about today is only one of the common scams. The easiest and hardest way to prevent these scams is to be more careful.