March 8, 2018

Path Of Exile Is A Typical Clone Of Diablo


Path of Exile is a networked Hack’and’slash RPG created by Grinding Gear Games on October 23, 2013. As a player, we play the exiled, who was sent to the dark and dangerous continent of Wraeclast. At the moment, it depends on us how we will direct our hero. There are randomly generated maps in the game, thanks to which we will have to re-familiarize ourselves with the shaping of this land by passing the given stage for the second time.


Path of Exile offers 7 playable and diverse classes, huge trees of specialization / talents (the number of possible builds for a given class is huge), extensive and various maps, etc. The Grind Gear Games is based on a free-to-play model with micropayments. Path of Exile has gained great popularity among players thanks to the non-linear development of the character and the dark climate.

This is a typical clone of Diablo, but the game remains attractive even with Diablo 3 coming out soon. It is free, while it boasts good graphics, realistic design of the environment and interesting monsters, as well as an increased level of cruelty and bloodiness.

For the sake of diversity, the genre’s traditional generation of locations and game items has been added. In Path of Exile you can play alone or in company with friends. Developers promise honest PvP-modes, without the influence of “Donate”, as they are going to earn on selling additional animations for characters, new skins, visual effects for spells and other harmless for gameplay things.

The in-game currency Orbs is available at the professional online gaming house. The interested gamers can buy PoE Currency from those professional online gaming houses in the most affordable cost.

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