March 27, 2018

Get New Items Around Easter In FFXIV Until April 2nd


On March 20th FINAL FANTASY XIV launched this year’s wonderfishing event! Until April 2nd you can get new items around Easter in SQUARE ENIX ‘MMORPG.


Also this year, the city-states of Eorzea decorate themselves with colorful Jihli’s eggs and the whole population goes on a search for Hatching-tide. For this, Nonotta from the organizing team needs your help…

The quest for this year’s quest for Hatching-tide starts in Old Gridania with NPC Nonotta, which you find in the amphitheater, and can be accepted from level 15 when the quest Uneggseptable Losses is complete. As a reward for the graduation, this year’s entries include the in-game companion Motley, the banner of the Hatching-tide and Spriggan chocolate.

The miracle Hatching-tide 2018 starts on March 20th and ends on April 2nd. If you are in lack of gil, you can buy cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil on FFXIV4GIL. Besides, you should read more to learn some useful tips on FFXIV.

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