How to Avoid Being Scammed In PoE

In Path of Exile, most of the players said that scamming really common, they think that GGG should add some daily tips on log in how to avoid being scammed and known methods being used it would lower the chances of the scammers success and therefore not be as profitable.

In fact, so much time would have to be invested in investigating each scam it’s not worth their time especially as a large amount of people being scammed are done so because of their own stupidity. If you trust someone and they scam you then in my opinion it’s your own fault, the same can be said for if they cancel trade and put only one or two exalted instead of 10. Therefore, it is particularly important to know how to avoid being scammed.

Path of Exile

1) Be careful to expensive trade with players who cleared few challenges. Actually look at the poe items before you accept, don’t just mouse over it.

2) Just be careful, look twice at the items when mouse over, and be aware that paying ridiculous amounts of chaos/exalts for challenge completion is dangerous, because you have no guarantee.

3) Price manipulation IS scamming. Whether it be pumps and dumps on exalts, fake listings for currency or for high value items, etc. Yes, you can use third-party mods/websites/what have you to attempt to block them/ignore them or whatever. And you can message 20 people until you find one that isn’t price fixing, or keep in mind who’s price fixing and not message them.

4) Be careful of unprotected transactions (anything involving paying “for air” – challenges, master service, map/master rotations, etc). This one is based on situations when one party must give pay for some intangible service (that cannot be put into trade screen) that the other party promises to provide, and vice versa. This type of scamming is very hard to protect against, because it works both ways – one’s party anti-scam measures can be easily perceived by the other party as the set up for scam.

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