January 25, 2018

Do You Like Leveling A New PoE Character


In Path of Exile, GGG always bring us surprise and challenge, and we also bring players cheap poe currency. Most of the players think that when leveling a new character, the progression of act 1 to 10 will be a interesting thing.

When leveling a new character, some players think that the difficulty scaling is a lot more “linear” and it really helps they to see how their character is getting stronger, and the enemy as well. 10 acts with vary backgrounds also made it feel less tedious, they really loved the transition from act 7 to 8 where they go through that transition area (Sarn Ramparts) to Sarn Encampment.

Path of Exile

It really felt less tiring for players and they wonder if it’s mostly a psychological thing due to the constant changing scenery compared to repeating act 1-4. Overall they are really glad that they introduced this 10 act format, Kitava cursing you each time you went through him was a really nice tough to explain your resistance getting fucked.

And there are some tips when you leveling a new character in A3:

Crematorium is always spawns in the “top” of the map, so if ou try to head up-left as much as possible (sometimes with a curl down to the right first) you’ll find it p quick. Crematorium can have Piety in bottom left.

Sewer: first bust is right on path, up-right to find blockage, then down-right for second bust, third bust on the way to exit in top/top-right.

Lunaris: just head in one direction on the edge of the map, stairs spawn in the same direction repeatedly. Sewer can have bust in top left.

Tower: Other poster has it right. Area can be a bit annoying, but just don’t enter the perimeter rooms unless you see stairs and enemies indicate a lack of stairs.

Bear in mind that the stairs will always be in one of the four corners. Never enter the thinly shaped rooms on the sides connecting the corners bc they can have dead ends. If you see mobs in a corner, that corner won’t have stairs. The boss room is always straight up and right on the last floor.

Good luck to you, and U4GM will always bring you some news about Path of Exile, you can also buy chaos orbs on our website.

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