December 21, 2013

Rune puzzle task done quickly

How do the rune puzzle tasks:
First to receive the task to Lumbridge second layer , and the Duke of conversation , asked if he had a task to you , then he will give you a talisman ( amulet ) to your hard disk wizard wizard sorcerer Tata difficult shaman.


The wizard tower dungeon and Sedridor conversation, he would want you to take a small package ( package Runescape power leveling ) , but you will amulets him.Conversation and the Sorcerer’s Stone Abrey ( Weiluo Ke businessman ) , he will be a note ( notes ) to the difficulties and difficulties shaman.Conversation shaman , he will tell you to return the amulet some considerations to complete the task. Bonus: ” Rune essence” of snow snow.If you think you need and the difficulty of witches or magic : you can write using the evaluation and the Sorcerer’s Stone ” air handmade amulet amulet ,” the note goes on air Stone talk, they will take you to the legendary snow.


In your Runescape user will be automatically transferred to one of the places in the snow , Fu Xi Misfortune mining rune essence in the corner , respectively, in the four corners of the exit ( entrance ) , it will let you leave. RS golden altar , it can open the rune stone amulets and magic essence.The There are two types of combat skills.
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