December 23, 2013

High-level way to make money in RS


Requirements: You have to steal the best level 82 , of course, is not so high level, you can do .

Methods: The method is very simple, that is to kill druids , picking them out of the herb , the herb deposit bank specific approach is : 1 ) starting from the Yanille bank into a bank near the door of the house ( in the vicinity of the bank , in addition to magic outside the union , only the house ) , down the stairs. 2 ) a lock ( requires level 82 of theft ) , you can see 10 to a chaos Druid (chaos druids). 3) kill Druid , picking them out of the herb 4 ) back to the bank stock , continue to the next round .

If you do not have such a high level of theft , but there are 58 or more agility , then there is another path to chaos druids can place .

1 ) In Yanille north , Watch Tower next to a building , the door is stopping cobwebs . Knife to slash open the cobwebs able to go down the stairs . 2 ) After a ledge ( likely to fall into place poisonous spiders , so to prepare anti-poison potion), where there are a lot of chaos druid warriors (chaos druid warriors) 3) continue to walk down the aisle , to place a monkey bar , where the need for agility level 58 or so ( also fall dangerous ) 4 ) Finally, you finally come to a place of chaos druids .

Of course, chaos druids edgeville cellar there , but it is in the wild , there is the danger of being someone PK ‘s , it is best not to fight Chaos Druids in that place.

Payout: herb is very expensive , it is said even the most humble of guam leaf can be sold for 500 one so if you can go agility dungeon play Chaos Druid , then profit is still pretty impressive, one hour less there are 300K. income, but this approach also exercise your combat effectiveness.
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