November 1, 2013

Runescape3 New Legendary of Pets

It is a amazing thing that they can interact with each other. What’s more, you can activate their first emote to attack the opposing siege pet, when they get their adult form. And the other will stagger or shrug off the attack. But it all depends on whether one of them is winning or has won the battle.


It is the same as other legendary pets that both of them grow through three stages. They will change their appearances and learn impressive tricks along the battle of Lumbridge. But they just have only two emotes at each stage of their growth.

With you adventure in Lumbridge, there is always a pet to assist you. Do you like your pet ? Today I want to recommend two incredible new legendary pets to you. They are both siege pets (war-born behemoth and prototype colossus): Zamorak and Saradomin.

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They are so cute that you can’t help loving them! Next time I will share more information about these pets.

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