October 24, 2013

RS3 Gold for Best Free Guide

To make money off of fishing, we will first need toget to level 40 fishing. My advice is to just fly fish, and drop. Now that you have level 40 fishing, go to catherby, and fish lobster. Play your PSP or gameboy while your character fishes to pass the time. Bank, etc. Lobster sells for 200-250 each RAW. We are gunna fish lobster in seers until lvl 65. Then we can enter the fishing guild. When you reach lvl 65, you should have made about 1.3 Million Gold.


Now that you are in the fishing guild, set yourself up at a dock. We are going to fish lobster until level 80. When you reach level 80, you should have made 4.2 Million gold. Now we are going to fish shark. This is where your money comes in big time. Shark sell for 900 each. If you fish shark a lot, you can average 2 MILLION GOLD PER DAY.

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You will need level 70 fletching and be able to do high level alchemy for this. Ok, Yew longbows sell for a lot, so what you do is buy a bunch of nature runes at 280-300 each, then fletch a bunch of yew longbows.High Alch the yew longbows. You can normally average about 3k bows a day, which is about 2.1m. When you cut out the cost of nats, you can make about 1.2m a day. making your own nats makes it easier.

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