December 22, 2012

A document of online RS Gold is for ascension

The online game of Famous RS Gold is abandon the past monotonous hierarchy, which has a different level of unique Ascension system. After the high-grade, which allows gamers gorgeous reincarnation,it is the role of changes in the shape, or the enhancement of the role of martial arts skills, so you seem reborn like a reincarnation, can accept more powerful challenge.

Ascension system total can be reincarnated into rs gold , which can not only change the appearance of the characters, the role has become more fashionable and beautiful, full of charm, players can enjoy a richer picture of the Ascension and characters change, to experience the high-grade leveling the place, but also can kill monsters when thegroup attacking ability. When players complete ththe Ascension task to be rewarded with exclusive ascension skills, players will be the most advanced martial arts to the next level. In addition to the original experience, but also additional kill monsters Ascension experience.

When the Ascension experience accumulated to 100% can get a secret stone can enhance their own ascended to heaven martial arts class, and thus increase the power of martial arts again ,To complete the Assumption style, as long as the player’s level to reach 115 five above role, the WuXun value has more than 2000 points and accept victory over the the mission BOSS moon ChangĀ  shadow after NPC moon Chang E task, can Ascension reincarnation. It should be noted that the need to pay one billion two-game currency and 500 million life experiences.

To complete the Assumption style premise players have completed Ascension formula and the characters reach level 120, receiving the NPC or the moon Chang E, the need to pay two-game currency game $ 1 billion, five million life experiences, the secret stone 50 a. The Ascension style you need to Ascension 2 style and to reach 130,and then all three tasks can be done. With the level of promotion after the Ascension, the role of theunderlying property values ??will significantly improve, RS Gold is higher skills sharp increase, and on the basis of the original level of ability Ascension


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