October 15, 2013

RS Crystal Trees

At seven locations you can find Crystal Trees. A crystal tree is considered ‘active’ when crystal formations surround it, and it is these formations which can be chopped for some of the best Woodcutting XP in the game at level 94 Woodcutting. Only one tree is active at a time, remaining that way for a set time before another becomes active in its stead..


To find it, head to a known crystal tree location and – if it’s not active – right-click and select ‘look at’ for a clue. If you need a hand finding a crystal tree, seek out Wilfred north of Falador. Right-click any inactive crystal tree and select ‘Look at’ to get a clue of where to find the active one.While chopping the crystals, there is a chance that you will receive a crystal geode.

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Crystal Trees is one of new high-level tree of runescape. High-level woodcutters will love the training opportunities they present, as well as the valuable produce. Differet to elder trees are great for gathering valuable logs. crystal trees are all about training the Woodcutting skill. They yield no resources, but offer an excellent Woodcutting XP rate, as like as ivy.

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