December 8, 2012

Community Creations

Evolution of Combat Workshops

Still struggling to get to grips with the Evolution of Combat? We’ve organised a series of workshops with some of the best RuneScape players to help share their tips and tricks with you! Find out more and get involved here.

Fansite News

Platinum-ranked RuneZone are hosting another great Evolution of Combat-themed competition with a great blend of boss killing and video making! With prizes (and bragging rights) to be won, you won’t want to miss out!

Do you run your own fansite and want to get in touch with Jagex about supporting your competitions and events? We want to hear from you! Send us an email including who you are and a little bit about your fansite to!

Community Creations

We absolutely love this drawing of a RuneScape warrior wielding the mighty new-look Armadyl godsword! Amazing work, f0st3rch1ld!

The whip is a limited edition weapon, and can be won only until the end of December. No need to worry, though; between Friday and Monday there’s an increased chance of getting this unique weapon!

Yelps has another fantastic opportunity for you this weekend. Alongside an increased chance to win the newly released TzHaar Whip, you’ll have an increased chance of taking away pendants of skill related to the more aggressive combat disciplines. Pendants for Attack, Strength, Ranged and Magic are more likely to appear on the wheel, so you can boost your offense as the Evolution of Combat continues to change the combat landscape.

Your increased chance of winning the whip and pendants starts from Friday, December 7th at 00:00 GMT until Monday, December 10th at 23:59 GMT. You’ll be able to win the TzHaar Whip until Monday, December 31st , but this weekend is your best opportunity!

You can purchase spins here, or by clicking ‘Add Spins’ next to the Squeal of Fortune itself. Don’t forget that subscribing will bag you two daily spins instead of one. If you’re hunting for ways of getting extra spins, check out our Squeal of Fortune wiki.

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