December 8, 2012

How to start Rune Memories

At the end of Rune Mysteries, Ariane found herself in a bit of a bind, and now she needs your help once more. You’ll fully explore the arcane ruins beneath the Wizards’ Tower and experience – through the memories of its former inhabitants – the clashes of magical ideals that led to the old tower’s downfall. Dig deep enough and put together the pieces of this ancient puzzle, and you’ll have all you need to free Ariane and avert the disaster once and for all.

Rewards for this members-only quest include a full set of magical robes to accompany the last quest’s hat, as well as access to Archmage Sedridor’s personal rune essence chest, which will grant you rune essence every time you level up in Runecrafting. This is applied retroactively if you’ve already levelled the skill, and by 99 you’ll have received a mighty 24,750 essence in total! Those of you with very high Magic, Prayer and Runecrafting will find further, hidden rewards – ask around the tower once the quest’s complete.

In celebration of the unveiling of Ariane’s first two quests, I have stocked my store with the most fitting of tributes: Hero Packs, inspired by Ozan and Ariane!

Those questing head-first into the unknown mysteries of the Wizards’ Tower can do so in style with these exquisite packs. Each contains a full outfit – indeed, inspired by Ariane or Ozan – alongside a unique emote, teleport animation and weapon override. The discerning adventurer choosing Ariane’s pack will wield her mighty staff; archers among you have your tastes catered for with Ozan’s bow.

Both of these inimitable packs are available right now from my store. Do you have any queries regarding my distinguished boutique? I’m confident you’ll find an answer in the comprehensive FAQ, found here.

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