November 16, 2010

99 Hunter Guide in Runescape

Level 1-19- Crimson Swift

From level 1-19, I would suggest trapping Crimson Swift with your Bird Snares. Simply set up the traps along the Eastern part of the Feldip area where bordering the water area where you are able to see the Crimson Swift and wait. You will trap them and receive Bones, Raw Bird Meat, Red Feathers each time. Simply drop the Raw Bird Meat as you get it, and either drop/bury the bones you receive.

Level 19-29- Tropical Wagtail

From level 19-29 I would suggest trapping Tropical wagtail with your Bird Snares. These Birds surround the ponds in the area West of where you were catching the Crimson Swift. There are 2 different ponds in the area, and both of them have Tropical wagtail surrounding them. Do the exact same thing you did with the Crimson Swift, only at level 20 you are able to set up 2 traps, and therefore you can set up 2 Snares rather than just 1.

Level 29-43- Swamp Lizards

Alright now that you are level 29, you can wear Full Larupia, so I would suggest doing this as it increases your chances of catching creatures. You want to head over to the Swamp Lizard Area in Morytania and catch Swamp Lizards. This area may be hard to find, but search it using your Runescape mini-map to find it more easily. This is near the Werewolf Agility Course, and it is the only hunter icon on your map so you should be able to find it. Once you are here, you will see a number of different tree’s, where you will be able to set up a Net Trap which consists of 1 Rope and 1 Small Fishing Net. From 29-40, you will only be able to set up 2 traps, but at level 40 you can begin setting up 3 traps which increases your experience. 
Now if you want to get to the red chins extremely fast, I would recommend releasing these Swamp Lizards since the experience is much faster. If you are in it for the cash however, Swamp Lizards sell for approx. 1.5k currently, and therefore these can make you a ton of money. The Carniff’s bank is close by, and therefore it may be worth it if you are low on cash to simply bank them.

Level 43-59 -Falconry

Well now that you have finally reached level 43 (I know it was painful), the experience really starts to get fast. You should now be heading to the Pictoris hunting area which is located NW of the Grand Tree near the Pictoris fishing colony. Again, open your runescape mini-map if you are having trouble finding it. Once there, you should see a large pit with many different Kebbits such as spotted and dashing kebbits. Simply buy a falcon from the man in this area for 500 GP, and you will be able to keep it as long as you do not leave the hunting area or teleport. Logging out while in the hunting area will allow you to keep the falcon, and therefore you shouldn’t need more than 500GP unless you plan on leaving. Once you have a falcon, you should simply click on the Spotted Kebbits to release your falcon and attempt to catch these creatures. The falcon will fail sometimes, but when he is successful, there will be an arrow that appears above the caught kebbit, and you will simply have to click on the captured kebbit to receive your fur along with the bones. Just keep doing this until you are level 59. This will get very repetitive, but this is the main stretch before you will be able to hunt the red chins.

Level 59-80 –Red Salamanders

Well now that you have finished with your falconry, you are now able to catch red salamanders near the ZMI alter which is the alter located near Castle wars and tree gnome village. It is an alter surrounded by lava, and shouldn’t be too hard to find if you look on your map. These red salamanders are caught the exact same way as swamp lizards which were talked about earlier in this guide. You simply click on the tree’s in the area to set up net traps using 1 rope and 1 small fishing net. When the trap fails, you will see your rope and fishing net on the ground, so you must pick it up before resetting the trap. If it is successful, you will see a full trap in the tree, and you can collect the red salamander and your net/rope by clicking on this trap. Since the red salamanders are worth next to nothing and there is no bank that is very close, it is only smart to release these as you catch them. Some people may wonder why I am suggesting to catch Red salamanders until level 80 instead of 63 which is when you are able to catch red chins, and the truth is it is because it is much faster to gain hunter exp setting up net traps to catch red salamanders than catching red chins until level 80 when you are able to set up 5 traps. Catching red chins with 4 traps is quite slow compared to Red salamanders, but if you are in need of cash you may want to start with red chin’s right away. The time that you are able to save getting 80 at the red salamanders rather than at the red chins would make it worth your while since you can catch more chin’s after your 99 hunter to make up for the lost profits without losing any time at all. The main thing it comes down to though is Speed vs. Cash. People will be hunting for different reasons, so choose whichever is most suitable to you. 

Level 80-99 –Red Chinchompas

It’s time to head back to the Feldip Hunting area. From 63-99 Hunter i would strongly suggest Red Chinchompa’s. These get 265exp/Chin, and their price is approx 800 Runescape gold in the Grand Exchange. Red Chinchompa’s are stackable, and therefore there is no need to bank every 25 Chins, and you can stay out for a very long time. 
These red chin’s are found near the 2 ponds the most. 
From level 63-80, you are only able to set up 4 traps, so the common setup is a Diamond Shape, and you stand in the center of the 4 boxes. 
From level 80-99, you are able to set up 5 traps, and therefore the best setup is an X-Shape where you make a box of 4 traps with 1 space in between each, and a box in the center. 
These two set ups are the quickest to gain the most experience. 

All you have to do is lay your Box Traps, wait for Red chins to enter, and then check the traps. This is about as simple as it can get, and once you are able to place 5 traps you will be able to get 100k+ exp/hour if you are a fast clicker.

After you are done, you will have about 40m in Runescape gold if you sold all of your chin’s, and you will also have a very nice skillcape to go with your new pile of cash!
The best tip i can give you is to watch the grand exchange on the Runescape homepage and when the Red Chinchompa price is at it’s highest point, sell all of the runescape creatures that you have caught to date.

This is my first Hub on here, so please comment so I can try to improve my guides for next time. I am hoping to post guides for all skills that help to make cash, so become a fan of me if you would like to be the first to see these guides. 

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