November 15, 2010

Easy to get Runescape gold as a noob

In this article you can make runescape gold without being very high all you need is an easy quest and about 20k (thousand) to realy get some money.

money is hard to come by in runescape rite ? Wrong. money is easy as long as you no wat to do. .

this guide is an easy way to make adequate cash and save up to get that dragon or other costly stuff. all you gotta do is an easy quest rune secrets. (if you have already done this quest just go down right until you find the money making share) to complete you dont need anything. to start go to lumbridge then go to the second floor of the castle. talk to duke haracio and ask for a quest then he will give you a talisman. then go to the necromancers tower (if you dont no where it is go onto ur map and go to draknor then go down untill you find it) then go to the stairs and go down. when you go down seek advice from the head wizard. he will give you a package and tell you to go to aubury in varrock. to find varrock go to ur map again and at the bottom type in varrock. you shuld then go to the left side bar on the map and go down untill you find sorcerous shop then click on it when ur map is over varrock. it shuld then show one magic shop blinking. go to that man and then talk to him with the research package that the sorcerer shuld have given you. he will give you some notes and then ask if you want to be teleported outside of the wizards tower. then walk down the stairs, speak to the necromancer and then congradulations. .

To this, quest accomplished!

Your rewards are the air talisman axcess to rune essence mine and axcess to the runecrafting skill.

Now to the money making part: take ur air talisman to the grand exchange and with about 20k (if you have more then you will make even more money) and buy as much rune essence as you can then go to falador. (again go to map if you dont no where it is).  then log out and go to world 16 (it will say air running next to the world) then go to falador bank (the one closest to the party room is better. then get ur air talisman or tiara (wielded) and get as much rune essence that you can.  next go straight down past the mining guild and out the gate and straight down to the chicken pen on the farm.  then turn straight west and go untill you see an altar then use ur talisman or just click if weilding a tiara and go in.  then go up to a person that is saying “99 rcing” or something of that nature and right click them and say req assist.  then it will say that they are assisting you and you then click on the altar.  if it worked then you will end up with 280 air runes in ur inventory.  then go bank and repeat. at the end you will have about 40k hahaha that doubled ur 20k then do it again and you will get 80k haha ur halfway toward that rune set uv been wanting or if ur a higher lv player then mabe that zamorak kitesheild or mabe that saradomin platebody that everyone wants. if you liked this guide and it made you money look for my future posts and mabe you can make some money off of them too!

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