November 3, 2010

Runescape strength pure guide(F1P)

At first i suggest to make money by doing a skill such as woodcutting or mining. (i do not suggest fishing for banking reasons.) make about 200k or so. (use the grand exchange in varrock for selling your items).

At first when you begin your leveling buy full iron set and an iron scimitar i recommend using trout or salmon as starting food preferable trout. In Lumbridge you will find goblins and cows i recommend training there until about 20 attack and 20 strength (make sure to buy steel scimitar at 5 attack).

Next in my guide i suggest to buy mithril scimitar and better food such as tuna or you can stay with salmon and trout your choice. go to the stronghold of security the one located in barbarian village. walk in and i suggest to fight the goblins through the first door, or the minotaurs north of them. fight them until about 30 attack and 30 strength, (thus buying a adamant scimitar.)

Next you should get the best food you can afford such as swordfish or lobsters. the next place you will visit is the Alkarid warriors, located through the 10gp gate in Lumbridge and south east from there. make sure to have full inventory of food (warriors will gang up on you level 9), when you kill the warriors pick up the coins, if you run out of lobs or swordfish there is a kebab shop located west of the warriors establishment. when reaching 40 attack buy a rune scimitar. and stop messing with attack. level up strength only now. when you get around 60-70 strength you should go to a different place (You can use strength potions if you need to).

The next place will be lesser demons from now on this is the only place you will be training its the only monster that has most hp for a strength pure to train on. make sure to bring your best food and not to get yourself killed. the lesser demons are around level 79 I believe I recommend buying strength potions for the demons so you will hit harder.

P.s if you ever run out of cash you can go to hill giants south-west of the grande exchange or continue skilling. best of luck and please leave a comment of your thoughts and if you can like the article thank you.

Becoming a strength pure is hard and takes time, but don’t get frustrated by the progress it get slow after a while.

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