October 13, 2010

Make-X Improvements and Low-level Combat Changes

Many of the Make-X menus in the game have been redesigned. The new version doesn’t require you to right-click to choose Make-X or Make-All. Also, wherever the new menu offers Make-X, it also offers Make-All, so you won’t have to keep typing the same numbers manually. Some of the newly introduced Make-All options include smelting ores, fletching bows and crossbow stocks, and other such popular skill activities.

We’ve also added a couple of new ranged and magic options for low-level players. Rangers might like to get hold of the new sling weapon, which doesn’t need any ammunition to use, and mages should give the new level 1 Wind Rush spell a try as it only requires air runes to cast – or free with a staff of air equipped. Slings are dropped by creatures in the href=”http://www.runescape.com/kbase/guid/lumbridge_catacombs”>Lumbridge Catacombs (and Kayle’s bow has instead now become Kayle’s sling).

Finally, a handful of low-level monsters in the free-to-play area – including giant rats, giant spiders and goblins – have been rebalanced to be more interesting for new players to fight, which has been made possible by the changes made to life points earlier this year. They’ll also provide handy target practice for the new slings and spell.

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