June 13, 2024

Diablo 4: Heartseeker Rogue Endgame Build Guide

The Heartseeker Rogue in Diablo 4 is a range-focused Marksman built around the ability of the same name. This new build allows players to remain highly mobile while letting out a barrage of arrows, which can swiftly clear out rooms and drain boss health bars. In this guide, we will show you how to make this build, including skills, aspects, items and more!

Best Heartseeker Rogue Skills

The Heartseeker Rogue is among the more straightforward builds in Diablo 4. The goal of the build is to set up your Heartseeker basic attack to deal with most of your damage while obtaining the Victimize bonus as much as possible. The second major part of this build is your mobility. As a Rogue with lower health than other classes in Diablo 4, it’s essential to keep a distance from your opponents. Dash, Shadow Step, and Caltrops all allow you to do this easily. Below are all the Skills you need to unlock to make this build work.

Heartseeker(Basic): Fires an arrow that deals damage and increases your Critical Strike Chance against the target.
Stutter Step(Core): Getting a Critical Strike increases Movement Speed by 15% for 4 seconds.
Caltrops(Agility): The player leaps backward and throws caltrops on the ground. These deal damage and slow enemies by 50%.
Shadow Step(Agility): The player becomes Unstoppable and gains 50% movement speed for two seconds. Any attacks from behind deal increased damage.
Dash(Agility): A dash forward that propels the player and deals damage to any enemy caught in their path.
Dark Shroud(Subterfuge): A protective shroud that gives 8% Damage Reduction per active Shadow, with 5 Shadows in total.
Smoke Grenade(Subterfuge): A projectile that dazes enemies for four seconds.
Victimize(Key Passive): A passive effect, wherein dealing damage to a Vulnerable target has a 50% chance of creating an explosion. Damage done to Victimized targets is increased.
Inner Sight(Priority Quest Reward): Certain enemies will be marked. Attacking marked enemies fills your Inner Sight meter. Whenever full, the player receives unlimited energy and an increased Critical Strike Chance for four seconds.

Best Heartseeker Rogue Aspects

Below are all the recommended Aspects you should pursue for the Heartseeker Rogues in Diablo 4.

Might(Helm): Grants 20% damage reduction.
Undying(Chest): When you use Skills, you heal. The amount you heal is doubled if you are below 50% health.
Concussive Strikes(Hands): Damaging enemies have a 20% chance to inflict Daze.
Umbrous(Legs): Critical Strikes with Marksman Skills (including Heartseeker) can grant an additional Dark Shroud charge.
Frostbitten(Feet): Enemies struck by your grenade have a chance to inflict Frozen for two seconds.
Adaptability(Amulet): When below 50% Energy, Basic abilities begin to generate Energy. When above 50% Energy, basic skills 40 – 80% increased damage.
Edgemaster(Ring): Skills deal increased damage based on your available Energy.
Retribution(Ring): Ranged enemies have a 10% chance of being dazed for two seconds whenever they strike you.
Moonrise(Ranged): Damaging enemies with your basic skill gives a 4% increased attack speed for 10 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. Whenever you reach five stacks, you gain a 40 – 80% increase in damage and movement speed.
Rapid(Main Hand): Basic Skills gain increased Attack Speed.
Inner Calm(Off-Hand): Gain increased damage. This bonus damage triples if you stand still for at least 3 seconds.

Most of the best Rare and Legendary drops in Diablo 4 are entirely drop-dependent, so it’s always better to target farm Aspects rather than specific gear. In addition, you can buy gears on U4gm. U4gm offers different D4 items for sale, including Unique Items – use code “Mods” for 5% off, 100% legal!

Best Gems For Heartseeker Rogue

The gems you want to use for this Rogue build in Diablo 4 are chosen following the same idea applied to the equipment. You should look for Emerald for weapons. This gem increases Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies when used in weapons. A second good option is Sapphire which grants 20% Vulnerability Damage. A solid option to equip in your Armor pieces is the Skull gem, which increases the Healing Received. Although you don’t have many sources of healing as a rogue, this will make your potions more potent.

It ends here. We hope this article is helpful for your Heartseeker Rogue Endgame Build in Diablo 4. Best of luck!

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