March 8, 2024

Monopoly GO Color Set Guide

In Monopoly GO, a complete color set is a group of properties that have the same color on the board, and it offers many advantages in the game, such as building a property empire and collecting substantial rents. If you want to dominate the board and crush your opponents, mastering how to secure a complete Monopoly GO Color Set is crucial. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about complete Monopoly GO Color Sets, including what they are, how to obtain them, and their benefits.

What Is a Monopoly GO Color Set?

In Monopoly GO, a Color Set comprises two to three Property Tiles of the same color. Each group forms a unique Color Set, which players can acquire by adding properties.

You complete a Color Set by placing Hotels on Property Tiles of the same color. The game features eight Color Sets: Brown, Light Blue, Magenta, Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, and Dark Blue. By filling these same-colored avenues with Hotels, created from five Houses each, you achieve that Color Set. When a Set is complete, the Hotels glow. Landing on a glowing tile next time will win you a prize — and allow you to recollect the Properties to start over.

How To Complete a Monopoly GO Color Set?

To complete a color set in Monopoly GO, you need to collect green houses, similar to the board game. You earn these green houses whenever you upgrade an attraction, and they are randomly allocated spots when you return to the board. Once five green houses have been placed on a property, they combine into a hotel.

Additionally, each property belongs to a color set of two or three properties. When you have hotels on all properties of a color set, you complete the color set and get to spin the Color Set Wheel for rewards. After spinning the Color Set Wheel, the hotels are removed, and the color set is empty again. You need to collect more houses to complete it again. An event that allows you to spin the wheel twice, earning more rewards, randomly appears at any time for a very limited duration, so make sure to keep an eye out to catch it before it disappears! There’s the potential for significant rewards if you’re lucky.

Benefits of Completing Monopoly GO Color Sets

The two main advantages of having a complete Monopoly GO Color Set are building houses and hotels and increasing rent.

Building Houses and Hotels

Once you have a complete Monopoly GO Color Set, you can start building houses and hotels on your properties. This increases their value and makes them more attractive for other players to land on. It also helps prevent other players from completing a Monopoly GO Color Set of their own, as they will have to pay you higher rent if they land on your properties.

Increasing The Rent

Another advantage of having a complete color set is the ability to increase the rent you can charge other players who land on your properties. The rent depends on the number of houses and hotels built on your properties, as well as their color. The more complete color sets you have, the higher rent you can collect from other players. This will help you earn more money and bankrupt your opponents faster.

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