October 29, 2018

Balloons Will Give Fortnite Players The Ability to Reach New Heights


A new item is coming to Fortnite: Battle Royale, probably within this week’s coming update: Balloons. The existence of said balloons was already identified inside the game’s files, but we did not know what they did or how they worked till now—though, to be fair, till they’re inside the game and we can attempt them out we won’t know specifically how they function. But we do have an official description as well as the above image. The description reads: Inflate balloons to defy gravity! Add balloons to raise your altitude!

Balloons Will Give Fortnite Players The Ability to Reach New Heights

Like the Grappler and Jetpack ahead of them, Balloons will give players the ability to reach new heights. I suspect they’ll be a consumable that comes in stacks of about ten (similar for the quantity of makes use of a Grappler has) though it really is also feasible that they are things you merely use and don’t retailer in your inventory at all.

Nonetheless, the description makes them sound like consumables, and not only that, it sounds like you may use a lot more than one at a time for you to raise how high you go. Like inside the movie Up.

It needs to be interesting to view how this impacts the game. As opposed to jetpacks and grappling hooks, balloons are fragile. They pop simply. I imagine enemies is going to be capable to shoot them, potentially sending other players to their death (although with all the new soaring mechanic in all modes, fall harm is a great deal less popular.)

In any case, we needs to be seeing balloons in the game Tuesday morning assuming Epic Games sticks for the studio’s conventional update schedule. It strikes me as somewhat odd timing, what using the Halloween event going on and the Fortnitemares LTM. Releasing a balloon item would have created much more sense throughout Fortnite’s birthday occasion.

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