August 6, 2018

Lastest and Detailed For POE 3.3 Duelist Gladiator Melee Builds


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[POE 3.3 Earthquake Build]Max Block Earthquake Bleed Gladiator

3.3 was Once more a pleasant update for this make. No nerfs as well as a handful of nice buffs!
– EQ now capabilities a considerably decrease delay for the aftershock result!
– EQ now like a Vaal Version that adds injury and enjoyable 🙂

Further links are Maim and Fortify. Fortify will apply a buff for you, Maim will raise the injury with each other with incorporating two superb debuffs for 30-of the group. They will move slower and so they are going to endure improved physical damage.

In case you are within the group you hit with each other with your Earthquake. Practically all groups die with only one particular hit, due to the many kinds of buffs you come about to be making use of. If they don’t die from the preliminary hit, they might die in the bleed, by means of the Aftershock or by way of the Aftershock bleed. About 99-of the groups die following the Aftershock (~0, six seconds).
As a result of the substantial block likelihood proccing your trigger procedures Particularly ordinarily and together with the appropriate glove enchants, You might practically in no way have to hit twice. Only exceptions are some rares and some groups applying the huge mod (much more life).

– Extremely risk-free (6k++ lifestyle, 77-hit AND spell block, big leech) — can go AFK in maps
– Pretty really great group harm and clear speed
– Atziri / Uber lab viable (did the two at lv 80 on a 5L on 3.0 beta, missing five skill points on account of missing acts)
– Can do all maps with each other with Guardians
– Can do just about all map mods (except no leech, Hexfont and Blood magic)
– HC viable (nevertheless I beneath no circumstances played substantially HC, so other men and women could judge if this can be correct)
– Blood everywhere, wanting actually amazing with diverse gore themed MTX
– Makes use of bleed as a primary injury provide — 1 issue distinctive 🙂
– Can attain much more than 250k single target DPS with investment and a lot greater group harm

– The establish desires two higher priced goods to possess its total probable:
one particular) +1 Curse Anvil (two to 3 Exalted)
two) Helm with uber lab enchant for lowest EQ duration (about 50C)
– “only” 250k+ harm so no million DPS content destroyer 🙂
– Will struggle to complete Shaper resulting from “low” single target harm

It is probable to choose out no matter what the fourth level you like. Violent Retaliation is often a great selection. It might look weak, nonetheless, it buffs your clear speed a very good deal because of larger movement velocity. AND: With it, you’ll have the 78-block opportunity. You will get 88-increased hit AND bleed harm which features a 100-uptime on bosses. This buff is almost a lot more powerful than the 10-more buff of 3 frenzy costs. As well as take into account: You’ll have difficulties to maintain the fees upon a lot of bosses.
Any time you have got troubles to max out your bleed chance, it is attainable to also get the 25-bleed opportunity from Ascendancy. It is going to consist of some harm, also as well as the 6-damage reduction from monsters. For those who favor Warlords Mark or use enduring cry, you would prefer to go for that additional 10-Phys reduction and also the 10-frenzy bonus injury.

Soul of Lunaris
Soul of Gruthkul

Leveling Guide:
This build is fairly easy to level.
Get began with Cleave as your melee AoE talent. Invest in EQ, drastically much less duration and swift affliction as quickly as you can and level them. Use both EQ or bleed, based on the axe you learn. In case you get an axe that synchs extremely effectively as well as your EQ delay, use EQ. Otherwise, use Cleave with Multistrike and speedier attacks in lieu of much less duration and swift Affliction.
Get RT as immediately as you possibly can, it’s going to at some point give an excellent deal of clear speed. Endeavor to acquire the bleed passives later inside the game mostly for the reason that with all the beginning they might be genuinely weak. Get lifestyle and injury any time you really really feel you need it.
Just following you might have RT, you’ll discover 3 substantial clusters that all give survivability, two also give injury. It actually is up to you, what you would prefer to get the following. I typically do lots of traveling to start with so that I just can collect every single among the great passives during late game. Practically nothing is much more irritating than obtaining to level from 82 to 86 just to have 40 strength from passives.

The Defense aspect of this product is particularly solid. You the truth is can stand in mob groups appropriate following 8/8 lab points plus they are able to??t kill you (ofc apart from crazy mods).

Block chance:
30-Block chance from Lioneyes Remorse
28-from Tree
8-after you acquire harm
8-from Anvil
3-from Tempest Shield
= 77-block chance for hits AND spells!

198-Life from the tree (without having jewels) — 6k++ lifestyle
1,4-life regeneration (5,4– 4-from Blood Rage)
3,2-life leech from Warlords Mark and Blood Rage
92-Armor from tree
422-Armor from Shield (up to 7.000 armor from Shield alone!)
20-reduced harm from hits from Fortify
22-reduced Phys damage from Endurance Charges
13-less fire and bodily harm from Arctic Armour
Monsters slowed by Maim (is going to become up each of the time on bosses and most groups)
38/30/30-res from Tree (generating it easier to equip your char)
76/75/75-res with full equip

Pob Link:
Talent Tree:
Example Link:


[POE 3.3 Ice Crash Buid] IceCrash Facebreaker Tank together with the IcyTank

This establishes can do any boss in any map, right here is how to deal with most important bosses :
– Typical atziri : Facetank, will not even move from the AOEs. Do away with your Reckoning, or you could OS by yourself more than the Reflect Atziri when she splits
– Usual atziri trio : Use Rumi, Facetank and remove bleed stacks if any.
– Uber atziri : Split phase is typically a bit challenging, the repeated spears can destroy us on a terrible combo (3 hits Non blocked as an example). Clear away your Reckoning, or you could OS on your own around the Reflect Atziri when she splits
– Uber atziri trio: Destroy the titty lady, to begin with, be cautious with her projectile rain. When she is dead, Facetank the other two.
-Shaper:: Commonly stick on sides of the arena, in no way ever more than the center. Shield charge into the volatile vortex to stack them, and pretty much anything ought to be okay.
– Guardians : Practically absolutely nothing particular, facetank them, just remain away from Hydra’s loaded bow shoot and Phoenix 1 shot AOE
Uber Izaro : Facetank him, even his slams

– Use bloodrage only as soon as, around the first pack
– Use enduring cry only the moment, around the initially pack, to have some expenses
– Shield charge into the pack
– You are going to get cost-free Endurance fees in the event you block because of the shaper mod Acquire an endurance, frenzy or energy charge once you block
– Ice crash
– Repeat

– Refresh bloodrage manually when down if no mobs to kill nearby (or not, but you shed some DPS)
– Refresh enduring fees manually if the boss is just not hitting you sufficient to sustain it
– Refresh fortify with Shield charge
– Ice crash
– Repeat

Stats in hideout:
– 6300 Daily life
– 9k+ armor
– 50-block / 50-spell block (75/75 in fight & with rumi)
– 270k dps with blood rage (400k+ in battle with frenzy charges & improved damages after blocks, as a lot as 500k+ when blocking many ennemies).

– Can be viable truly fast with cheap products
– 75-block & Spell block with Rumi’s concotion while in the fight (50/50 in hideout)
– High regen (Mainly 830+ HP / sec, as significantly as 1100+ with glove lab enchant)
– Higher physical mitigation (4-from node “Soul of Steel” + Arctic armor + 5/6 Enduring costs + 10-reduced from “Outmatch and outlast” in Ascendancy + Pantheon nodes while stationary)
– Can facetank pretty much all of the things
– Can do practically just about every map mod (Except elemental reflects)
– Can AFK in maps with no troubles (still, by no means AFK in front of a boss :D)
– Can do Hall of Grandmaster (well, theres 1 guy I still can’t destroy, but 100-of the time I get 3 chests, and 25-of the time this guy doesnt show up so I can clear it)
– Can apply a 20-shock on a block for 4 seconds, works on bosses !

– Clear velocity is just not definitely fantastic compared to fast builds, but it’s okay
– Can’t do elemental reflects
– Abyssus (negative effect countered nicely with every one of the physical mitigation + block)

For mapping, get Soul of Solaris & Soul of Tukohama
For Uber Atziri, get Soul of Solaris & Soul of Gruthkul
For Shaper, get Soul of Arakaali & Soul of Ryslatha

Painforged – Versatile Combatant – Outmatch and Outlast – Violent retaliation

Stat priorities :
– -Max Day-to-day life
– -Chaos resistance
– -attack velocity
– -damage
– -elemental resistance to attain the overcap

Remove Reckoning on Physical reflects maps
Melee bodily damaghe
Culling strike
Flame Dash

Ability Tree:
Pob Link:
Example Hyperlink:


[POE 3.3 Lacerate Build] Elder Bleed Gladiator ft. Blasphemer’s Grasp

Now has an added harm effectiveness and base harm of 60-at gem degree one particular (down from 95%), as substantially as 73.7-at gem level twenty (down from 117.8%).
Now gains up to +9 to the area of effect radius at gem degree twenty (up from +5).
Now has 25-chance to cause bleeding on hit.
Now deals 25-more damage with hits and ailments against bleeding enemies.
No longer has 25-less attack speed.

-Deadly Ailments Support
Now causes supported expertise to deal 45-more harm with ailments at gem level 1 (up from 40%), up to 64-at gem degree 20 (up from 59%).
Now causes supported competencies to deal 10-less harm with hits (down from 20%).

+ Relatively fast clearing speed (not the fastest out there)
+ Obtaining possibility to experience a rare ability in POE meta: Lacerate
+ Insane survivability
+ Reflect harm proof establish
+ Ability to run all map modes
+ Ability to run T14-15 corrupted maps

– Relatively long end game boss fights
– Being in will need of going back from the map to acquire loot for we inflict bleed and move forward while mobs’ lives are drained & they finally die

Kill’em’all and get 2 additional passive abilities

In the following order:
– Blood while in the Eyes
– Gratuitous Violence
– Painforged
– Versatile Combatant

– enhanced harm with bleeding
– enhanced bleed duration
– elevated area harm
– elevated bodily injury with axes
– improved melee bodily damage while holding a shield
– greater maximum life-style

Leveling Guide:
Levelling with Lacerate is insanely smooth. Your initial aim is to attain “Crimson Dance” in the skill tree. I personally went each in the way by means of “Mind More than Matter” afterwards followed by “Maximum Life” slots finally followed by injury slots inside the talent tree.

You do not demand any Elder items in early stages around the game. You need to focus in your each day life & have adequate mana to sustain continuous attack with Lacerate which requires considerably a great deal much less mana than other principal procedures which can work with this make (i.e. Sunder, Reave etc…).

Pob Link:
Talent Tree:
Illustration Link:


[POE 3.3 Reave Build]KissMeQuick’s Gladiator Reave Guide For Beginner

This Reave develop has no required chase uniques. You might kill Shaper easily on a two EX budget but you could also massively improve your gear to insane levels of DPS to farm overmodded Guardians or get on Uber Elder.

That is not a crazy or weird or silly create, it’s simply a Quite sturdy, fast and engaging all about melee create.
Get your time, read the manual normally and thoroughly, especially for those who are new. In case you master this develop, you are going to become an immortal beast who can kill Uber Elder even on day four.

This develop has four versions / parts:
– Leveling acts and beginner tips( bottom)
– Uber defensive shield edition for HC players( above leveling)
– Optional early starter MEGA MF SC model for large profits / atlas filling( above Uber HC)
– The rest is the original construct.

Pros and Cons:
– Mapping is top tier in speed and smoothness while being able to finish all content material such as Uber Elder!
– Super robust league starter! I am normally 1st 5 who destroy Shaper each league with out nolifing!
– Incredibly flexible and can be modified on the other hand you want
– No gem swaps needed for bosses, even Shaper!
– Destroy bosses fast at higher range – You are going to be able to destroy Forge around the Phoenix boss at 75% of your range with Vaal Reave while he channels his explosion.
– No dangerous mobs that can destroy you – I’ve under no circumstances died to an Abyss spinner!
– Able to switch off to full quantity gear( 81% IIQ & 244 IIR) and farm as much as T16!
– two weeks of nolifing still hasn’t burned me out while other builds may perhaps take one day to become boring even among my favorite classes
– 1+ million Shaper DPS even with crazy cheap gear – as considerably as 50 MILLION with GG gear!
– 79%+ Spell Block & Block, 60%+ Evade, 80%+ Phys reduction, 50%+ Base resistances, Immortal Call, Endurance charges, 6K+ HP, Fortify, Arctic Armour in addition to a lot additional!
– Pretty Hardcore and Solo Self Found viable
– Giant half screen range – The biggest melee AOE from the game!




Pob Link:
Talent Tree:
Example Link:
[POE 3.3 Sunder Build] Bleed Truly Does the Job For MoM`s bloody Gladiator

It look that new expansion touches mostly elemental and trap builds. Some new uniques might shuffle things around, but on initially sight, all stays the same. 1 particular interesting issue is the change of ground slam, which can become viable with its significant boost for short range dmg, especially counting within the capacity for the occasional vaal ground slam. Will need to possess a little bit of testing, nonetheless, it seems now as viable selection for that establish.

+ cheap to begin
+ wonderful survivalability (MoM, block+spellblock, fortify, great mobility)
+ quite superior clearspeed
+ can do all information solo-Shaper deathless, Guardians simple, UberLab straightforward, UberAtziri killed
+ bleed is actually the most important source of DPS
+ can do ANY COMBINATION of map mods by itself

– not god-tier single target dmg
– does not get substantially from group auras
– I genuinely test actually hard to receive another minus

Talent gems:
Primary ability setup
Sunder-Brutality-Chance to bleed-Melee bodily damage-Deadly Ailments-Unbound Ailments
while not completely in order of dps, I would suggest including them in the hyperlink in this order.

Shield charge/leap slam-faster attacks-Fortify-Culling strike
Correct here is choice between Shield charge and leap slam. My personal choice is the Shield charge, as it feels extra responsive and gives me better control more than my movement inside the course of boss fights. For moving about the map, leap slam could be better and I hold it in switch weapons.
This ability also gives us wonderful utility-both reliable fortify and culling strike on bosses when needed.

Curse setup:
Reckoning-Curse on hit-Vulnerability-Life gained on the hit
We have two curses which are interesting for us-Vulnerability and Despair. From these two, 1st one particular offers extra benefits. With later on gear we can get second curse and switch it in lieu of Life style gained on hit gem. A further change in this setup will probably be receiving The Surrender shield, which will allow us to drop reckoning and socket the gems into this shield.

Totem setup:
Ancestral protector-Brutality-Melee physical damage-bloodlus
This totem gives us nice dps boost. It truly is not necessary and is usually switched out now when maim is in our ascendancy

Tempest shield:
Tempest shield-Increased duration-Blind
In addition to giving us extra block probability, it gives us utility in form of blind, which can slightly enhance our survivalability. Note that it truly is not really needed to level up Tempest shield. On the other hand should really you might have stats high ample, it does not harm to level it.

The Rest (optional):
Clarity-very important talent to fill our mana early on. It reserves minimum mana (considerably significantly less than ten % in my develop at lvl twenty) and gives us superb regeneration of our secondary way of life pool (mana). Later on, in the game, I found it unnecessary, as my mana regen was higher adequate already.
enduring cry-increased area of effect-bit of HP regen, endurace charge generator. Not necessary and you can locate other alternative together with golems and yet another warcries
Just get care that this could be not linkes, as it would improve reservation cost of clarity for no reason

Pick Gladiator and get Blood within the Eyes, Gratuitous Violence, Painforged, Versatile Combatant.

Kill All.






Pob Hyperlink:
Talent Tree:
Instance Hyperlink:


[POE 3.3 Sunder Build] Craiceann’s Bleed Block Sunder Gladiator Guidebook For Beginner

This Make is Fairly Highly-priced.

+Very tanky – tough to die even in the event you make an effort to
+Bleed explosions are entertaining
+Fairly decent clear pace
+Can do all map mods even though things like block reduction and anti-bleed are irritating
+Can easily maim and blind bosses giving even much more defence
+Immune to bleed and stun
+Decent at pvp if anyone cares about that (will test HoG quickly and see if i can do it)
+Armour and weapon look good so you will not will need so a great deal of mtx to appear cool
+Can impress noobs by spamming the crab aura in their hideouts 🙂

-Expensive gear; requirements some ex to obtain going
-DoT is often dangerous should you ignore your health bar but is otherwise irrelevant
-Very slow vs bosses
-Fairly low max life compared to typical builds (not that it matters)

Choose Gladiator and get Blood inside the Eyes, Gratuitous Violence, Painforged, Versatile Combatant.

Bandits: Destroy all.

Talent Tree:


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