May 1, 2018

How To Support Properly in Path of Exile?


I’ve seen some support builds lately and became somewhat interested to test them cause they seems fun if u have friends to play with. So I was wondering since I couldn’t find a guide on how exactly u play as support like do u simply try to keep up with your partner or is there more depth to it ? like timing of your skill-usage and so on?

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I lead the group on my bot unless there’s someone with greater initiative than me. Try to keep main clearer in aura range. They’ll forget very quickly how squishy they are without you and be overconfident, so protect your new minions with your op blankets.

If you group with random people you want to have the fastest version of suitable aurabot. They’ll prob run allocation if you’re a random, which always suited me better. When running with friends I also do allocation and split big drops only. Exalt and up. I run managuard, so I provide charges and vaal haste/blind enemies. Only thing that’s hard to time is when to nope out of a room that’s getting nasty as doing so kills your carry usually. But if you communicate in voice chat you can let them know as you leave them to die. Makes me feel a bit better.

Unique Products and Boss Loot
I pointed out different item rarities, including the truth that gear comes in Normal, Magic, or Rare forms. However, there’s yet another rarity tier above ??Rare’. Unique products are thrown into the game. While Magic and Rare are merely modifiers of the normal item, Unique are separate products entirely. They can’t be modified, and they’ve set stats. While their actual value fluctuates, they’ll always have a similar ability. For instance, an Astramentis might have between a 90 and 116 boosts to each of the stats, but it’ll invariably have this effect¨Cthe only variable is the plethora of the boost.

These natural qualities have Unique products incredibly effective, and, obviously, incredibly costly. How can you get hold of Unique products? This is when Path of Exile gives players an excellent chance. Most loot-based games feature specific bosses that drop specific products. Path of Exile does do this with a few of the finish game bosses, but typically, products can easily be located any place in the world¨Cthe less available the product, the not as likely you’re to at random encounter it. The in-game currency is available at the professional online gaming house. The interested gamers can poe orbs buy from those professional online gaming houses in the most affordable cost.

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