November 15, 2017

Madden 18: The New Animations Look Great And Aren’t Repetitive


In Madden 18, the new animations look great and aren’t repetitive. The body types brought a second glance from the moment I turned on Madden NFL 18. This game’s engine has enhanced the graphics dramatically and added an immense amount of detail to the absolutely wonderful Longshot story mode. On the more tangible side, the engine switch makes gameplay look more fluid thanks to enhanced movement and interaction animations. We are aware on how to buy cheap madden 18 coins, stay tuned U4GM.

Madden 18

Though it’s easy to see the graphical improvements, the real star of Madden NFL 18 is its new story mode: Longshot, a fantastic story-based experience using a strong cast of motion-captured actors and a well-written script that kept me engaged with RPG-style decision making. A good single-player experience is a significant development for this series, EA Sports has created a theatrical-quality, immersive, emotional, and educational single-player experience.

The Longshot story exemplifies this situation. This four-hour mode follows college dropout Devin Wade’s attempt to get into the NFL. The story is more about provoking feelings about Devin, the Texas football environment he grew up in, and the friends that helped him along the way than it is about player freedom, skill-based gameplay, and making sure all your choices are precisely reflected in a particular ending.

It’s interesting that Longshot doesn’t rely much on Madden’s traditional football gameplay to succeed. Another new mode, Play Now Live, allows you to follow along the real-life NFL season with in-game challenges to rewrite history, or imagine it before it happens. The new Target Passing mechanic, which allows you to lead your pass catcher, is a doozy to learn because it moves extremely fast and demands on-point precision. Target Passing is also an unique and important features for Madden NFL 18. Check out the full features of this game, click for source.

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