Final Fantasy XIV: Do You Require More Furnishings And Other Items

When you playing Final Fantasy XIV, have you ever attempted to gone throughout the land and looked at the furnishings and other items? If you have nothing in your house, there is no doubt that the house is just like an empty shell. Hence, you require some items to decorate your own house, what are you to do?

Final Fantasy XIV

Interestingly, Square Enix is giving you the chance to do exactly that. Recently, Final Fantasy XIV holding furnishing design contest. In this contest, you will put your art and design skills to the test to try and create a piece of furniture that would look great in not only your home, but the homes of players across the land. Do you think you have what it takes? You can post your feedbacks and ideas at U4GM, you had better visit website.

Final Fantasy XIV

Now it’s time for drawing a piece of furniture that you feel fits the style of Final Fantasy XIV in some way. Followed by, in an email to the team, you will need to tell them about your furniture. What kind of category it fits into, what material it’s made of and so forth. You’ll also need to make 3 pics of your piece so they can see it from the front, side, and back.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, is a stunning, well executed expansion with mostly-successful overhaul of the combat system and UI. Moreover, Stormblood is absolutely worth the hype and is an absolute joy to play. Players can now decorate their house, what that in mind, depending on how to get more precious items such as Final Fantasy XIV Gil.