July 13, 2017

College Football Team Return to Madden 18


EA will resume college football in this year’s Madden 18, but will not resume full support. So what is the new thing will be revealed in Madden 18, and will we need a lot Madden NFL 18 coins at that time? Let us talk about more details about the Upcoming Madden 18.

Texas Longhorn and Oregon Ducks are revealed as part of the new Longshot story mode feature, and you can see the role you play as an NFL potential customer through the draft.

Longshot included in Madden 18 will be the first story mode for the NFL franchise game.


“Three years after the start of the game, played the first five-star high school quarterback Devin Wade (Devin Wade), because he finally shot to hear his name is NFL draft day.

“This forgotten university star by JR Lemon, came home to pursue her dream and found football redemption.”

All this points to the college football team back to Madden’s game, although it seems to have been revealed, but so far. So we need to prepare enough Madden 18 coins for the new game, then we could buy the best play cards for our team, which will help us win more in Madden 18.

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