May 23, 2017

Bethesda Released A Detailed Guide For Morrowind Solo Players


The Elder Scrolls Online is enriching the Morrowind expansion, obviously inspired by the famous chapter of The Elder Scrolls saga set on the legendary Vvardenfell Island. But we have to wait on June 6 to put our hands on, but in the meantime Bethesda gives us some material to further our curiosity.

The Elder Scrolls Online is obviously based on a gaming experience to share with other players, but Morrowind’s expansion seems to be also faced by those who feel more like a lone wolf.

Bethesda has published a kind of guide directed to those who want to venture into the adventure without being accompanied by other players. The guide is subdivided into points, you can find it below.


1. Class

If you want to explore Morrowind by yourself, you have to create the right character. Each class in The Elder Scrolls Online is out of combat because it is possible to use a character from a specific or more generic role, thanks to the many skills available for each class, as in any traditional GDR.

You can also choose to try out the new class of Morrowind, the Warden (Guardian). The Wardens are fun for lonely gameplay for two reasons. The first is that some of their attacking skills can be enhanced to receive defensive benefits, such as the ability to heal or recover strength. The second concerns the possibility of unlocking the Feral Guardian skill already in the early stages of the game. This ability will allow you to summon a war bear that will fight at your side. Well yes: a bear. You can play solitaire, but you will not be alone.

2. Orientation

Morrowind is great and full of new places to explore. But if reaching them is an adventure in itself, doing it alone can be very dangerous. Fortunately, there are several means of transport that can help you.

The first is represented by silt strider, native of Morrowind. These huge insects travel from country to country, allowing you to reach the main Vvardenfell settlements. Some cities are equipped with boats that clash between the various ports. And then there are the Wayshrine (Travel Sanctuaries), which offer a transport network between all the Wayshrine you discovered.

Being fast moving big friends of the lonely traveler, discovering as many Wayshrine as possible is a winning choice. So take advantage of silt strider and boats to visit new territories, then go on the search for its Wayshrine to teleport you instantly. By doing so, you will reduce the time spent on travel and the risks of travel.

3. Missions

Even if you are experienced gamers, you will be amazed by the amount of stories and missions contained in The Elder Scrolls Online. And this is even more so for Morrowind, an area particularly suitable for those looking for narrative content. Since rescuing slaves from the corrupt government to the salvation of the entire island of Vvardenfell, Morrowind is packed with substantial, complex and fully dubbed missions.

And if that does not suffice you, knowing that completing a mission means getting good quality equipment, especially for those who do not want to play in groups. Follow the adorable black and white arrows and enjoy the contents of the story offered by Morrowind.

4. Equipment

Exploring the wildlife of Vvardenfell alone means having a single ally: yourself. Therefore, it is good to have the tools suitable for the various situations.

In other words: collect everything that is not nailed to the ground.

In ESO, everything is useful. Weapons and armor can be sold or dismantled at the appropriate locations to recover raw materials and some experience through the creation. Ingredients can become food or potions, provided they know the recipe, which can be sold or usable. Even “ciarpame” items can be sold for some coin.

As in all The Elder Scrolls titles, you will not be able to bring everything down. Sooner or later you will have to squeeze your inventory. If you have been diligent Wayshrine’s discoverers, it will be very easy to discard the goods transported to the merchants of the various cities, including those that allow you to increase the inventory space. And remember that you can deposit the creation materials in your playing bank, so you have them at your disposal at all your creations.

5. Riding

After a few hours of recovering objects and selling it, you will find yourself with a fair nest. But do not swear to buy new equipment, as your savings should be devoted to something very important: a ride.

Everyone likes to gallop on a magnificent hound, but this is especially true for solitary players. First, the ride allows you to cover your distances faster, making exploration more enjoyable. Additionally, the riders can get you out of trouble in unexpected or dangerous situations. Finally, you can train your animal at a staller, increasing the weight transportable from the beast, adding space to your inventory, or improving its speed.

Ciliegin on the cake: you can summon the ride instantly and wherever you are. Of course, 10,000 gold coins for the basic hog are not a few, but they will show you well spent money.

6. Food and Potions

If you play in a group, it is very likely that a partner can boost you with benefits related to health, defense, recovery, and so on. However, if you play alone, you will have to think about it yourself.

The options are so many. Food and drink can temporarily increase the magicka, health and vigor reserves, or increase their recovery rate. Potions can increase damage or damage resistance, or apply invisibilities or increase in speed. And if you were caught up in a Mundus Stone, you would enjoy a near-permanent benefit (but only one at a time!).

Every help counts, even the smallest one. Therefore, open the character card and make sure that you have as many beneficial effects as possible.

7. Real Help

If the above advice is not enough, do not be afraid. Maybe there’s a beast you can not kill. Or maybe you are in a dungeon with the equipment to be repaired. Or would you like a short cut.

Try visiting the Crown Store and evaluating it. From the repair potions to healing potions, from replenishing parchment meals to level up more quickly, from poisonous bud buds, the Crown Store is the realm of desires. You can buy additional inventory space or maximize your ride. Or, buy a new one!

And if this is not enough, remember: you are playing with thousands of real people. You can always help and assist you in places like dolmen, public dungeons and boss zones, without necessarily getting into a group. You could also meet someone randomly! In conclusion, one of the best things about solitary play is to play alone next to someone else.

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