October 14, 2015

The advantage of FIFA 16


FIFA 16 FIFA 16 is the first video game, including the women’s soccer team. The game has realistic graphics. The game for the players has great stats for each player. For anyone who hasn’t played, Fifa 16 makes it easier to read and identify the player and the stats. Professional football players in the game looks the same in real life. I think that FIFA 16 is fun to play and it is very real it seems like you’re watching a real game. FIFA CLUB is the perfection of that kind of sense of reality is too strong, from the engine to the FIFA is always in constant improvement. The authorization of the FIFA is incomparable, of course, Europe and the United States that the market has been hard to compete with real FIFA to, including network which a piece of EA’s strength is too strong, global online CLUB online are so good, you can do in general or EA too much stronger than the K CLUB, FIFA has been making progress.

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