December 26, 2014

Why Timing Matters FIFA 15 Shooting


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As the tile said Why Timing Matters?The first and foremost thing to remember to land a good shot is to get your player in a good position. Once you’ve done that, don’t make the mistake of shooting while your player is sprinting as sometimes, even the best of players sometimes miss that way.


Once you get in the position, slow down and if possible, make your player stop for a moment.


After this, set up a good angle and shoot the ball. Of course, this seems a lengthy process while reading, but you need to do all these things instantaneously to score a goal.


If you are used to long-range shooting, then sprinting sometimes can be a plus for you but obviously, you need to be careful as with a continuous sprint, you might end up colliding with a defender or your shot can be blocked.


Usually, if your player is balanced enough, the chances to score goal are increased manifolds.

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