December 12, 2014

Sharing the experience in Division 1 Player Before the Patch


fifa 15

How to do if you are still a Division 1 player after the patch? Quit bitching.Here are some personal experience in Division 1 Player. Let me possibly provide insight:

Change your camera settings
I LOVE the Default camera setting, but it’s just not usable after this new patch. You get ambushed too easily in the midfield, and if you don’t know where to pass it, you’ll turn the ball over. With the Default camera view, I went from Div 1 down to Div 3. I changed it to: Co-Op, height = 17, zoom = 7, and I’m back to Div 1. It seriously helped me see the entire field, which is so necessary.

Change your formation
I can’t stress this enough. For starters, if you go on a losing streak, you should change your formation regardless. But with this patch, choose a FIFA formation that packs the midfield. 433(5), 41212, 4411, and 4222 are my favorites.

Pass the ball backwards
Sometimes, you have to go backwards to go forward. One of my favorite passes is when I’m dribbling upfield, and I have a CM/CDM behind me. I do a light tap of the through ball button and angle it behind me, so that it lays the ball off for the trailing player. Great way to open up space and then play a through ball up to a striker.

Use custom tactics
Use the search bar to find out more about this. I tend to have a fast build-up play, an even chance creation, and a low pressure defensive tactic. This new patch rewards possession players. If you’re playing someone who knows how to pass the ball, your team pressure will get eaten alive. Only press when your opponent is in the attacking 1/3 of the pitch, and use teammate contain to do this.

Watch your possession numbers
At halftime, check out the possession numbers. If you are on the wrong side of 50/50, you’ll probably lose.

Don’t force passes
You’ll turn the ball over in your midfield and get counter-attacked.

Don’t sprint unless you have open space
This should go without saying, but seriously, sprinting through the defense doesn’t work anymore. You don’t have to be skillful, but if you are jogging and you are good with the left analog stick, you can get out of a bunch of situations.

Make use of L2/LT
Lastly, I can’t stress this enough. Strength matters with the new patch!! Use this button! Muscle your way onto the ball. Keep defenders off of you. If you’re not using this, that’s probably why you’ve been relegated.

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