November 19, 2014

Keep Possession of the Ball to Win Matches in FIFA 15


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FIFA 15 has been released for quite a while. Inorder to play a better game, we need to master some skills about keeping possession of the ball. To keep possession of the ball is the key to victory in football match. You can’t score without the ball. Barcelona succeeds inmastering the skills of dominating possession, making it pretty hard for teams to take the football off them and even a lot more challenging to possess itthemselves. Here, we’ll offer you several tips on the way to keep possession through all areas of the field so that you are also able to set up brilliant attacking plays and offer yourself a better opportunity of winning matches to  save as much  fifa 15 coins.


Generally speaking, the men lining upbetween center circle and penalty area are always unmarked, as oppositions’strikers keep your defenders from obtaining it short, and your strikers seem tobe outnumbered. The way is to power a long pass (X/square) at 1-1.5 bars eitherstraight ahead of the keeper or to the nearest wing. The majority of the time it will land right at the feet of an untracked player, giving you time to control the football and either pass or turn a defender.


It is crucial to try and think one or twopasses in front while keeping possession. Now the attacking AI players can dothis after the update from 14. Therefore, they are trying to move ahead of theplay so this should let your job become easier. If you have players like Xavi,he will also help to keep possession and move the football through the pitch alot more efficiently.


At the same time, if you have watches Barcelona play over the last few years, you will know they dictate the game attheir pace. In fact, sprinting isn’t always the quickest way to goal, and it’s significant you put time to carve open the perfect chance.


Don’t be tempted to keep trying to counter attack, or the game will turn into an end ti end or counter attacking pace busecontest that you will more than likely lose if your’re not set up for that playstyle.


Master these possession moves and you will be a force to be reckoned with. Surely,more skills are available on FIFA 15. Take the time and use what you have learned to hone your skill and beat your opponents.

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