October 23, 2014

Heading FIFA 15 Tips to Win Coins


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Are you looking for some tips and tricks to win headers in FIFA 15 coins ? Have a read of our tips below and you will be playing like a pro in no time.

To win the headers
We started by trying to win half of our aerial duels and then gradually increase this number so you might start saying ‘I want to win 7 out of 10 attempted headers’ etc. We now win pretty much every aerial duel we’re involved in all over the pitch.

Time your headers
Do not simply spam B as a cross comes in, or else you will put countless headers over the bar. Watch your player’s timing, and learn when to jump and header, and you will beat your opponent.

Attack the ball
It is vital that when the ball is coming into the box you don’t wait for it to arrive at your defender and just press the button hoping he will clear it. Use the left stick to move your defender towards where the cross is coming from and hold the shoot button down for the full length of time. We find a tap on the shoot button followed by holding it down works superbly. Do this, couple with moving towards the ball and then directing the header out of the box and I promise you will start to win the vast majority of aerial duels in your box.

Defending corners
Almost the same as attacking but as the ball comes in trying to position your player in front of the attacker using the same method. This means closer to the corner than him no closer to the goal. Then head the ball by pressing the shoot button at the time you want to jump in the air and hold left stick either down field or back towards the corner taker. If you realize, you can’t get in front press shoot slightly later and aim your stick so you are attempting to head the other player rather than the ball. As he heads, it your challenge should put him off so the ball goes over the bar or in the air.

Get in front of their defender
A little known secret is that if you hold LT and RT together, you can control your players movement completely – use this to get in front of your opponents defender, and you will have a better chance to beat them in the air.

Winning more headers on FIFA 15 will be absolutely crucial to your success in the game. In an average match, you will be competing at least 20 – 30 times per game for aerial balls. Thus, the importance of reading these tips, putting them into practice and perfecting your heading technique.

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