July 7, 2014

The secret to make money from Wildstar Challenges


From the get go Wildstar offers a variety of money sinks. Whether it be customization of your character, end game raiding, or customizing your house, it is all expensive. So the first thing you have to do is make money in Wildstar.

wildstar challenge

Challenges in the game of Wildstar offer a new and unique gameplay experience. There are a variety of challenges. For example, you could be expected to kill creatures, gather items, or destroy something in game. This is an easy way to earn money if you do it effectively.

Try to earn the highest medal in each challenge:If you earn the highest medal, you increase your chances in getting the item you want. But pick what you think will earn you the most money. A dye may not sell for a lot if you sell it to a vendor, but could sell for a lot in the auction house.

Try to do all of the challenges in a certain area:The more challenges you do, especially if you can do them at the same time, the more money you can earn. A great place to do this is in the main cities. There are no monsters to fight, so you can do all of the challenges fairly quickly. Remember, time equals profit.

Repeat the challenges:Challenges reset after 30 minutes, and they are all repeatable. So if you have time to kill while waiting for a group, just talking in zone chat, etc., then do some challenges. No matter what, there is always something you can do in game.

Repeat your favorite and easiest challenges:Some challenges suck more than others. In that case, stick to the ones you like the most. Not only will you enjoy doing them, you will also learn them enough so you get the highest medal each time.

Try to stick to the kill challenges:This maximizes how much money you can earn. With kill challenges, you are also getting loot from the creatures that you kill. You never know when an ultra-rare item will drop while you are doing a challenge.

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