March 24, 2014

The easy way to become a runescape moderator


Recently,some players want become a RuneScape moderator,but they didn’t know the way ,here is my finishing methods, hoping to help you become a moderator of success.

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First of all,being active on the forums: this is very helpful.Jagex briefly mentions being active on the forums is a part of it, but is not required. Give feedback to posts with kindness, respect and maturity.

The second,Send in reports when spotting a player breaking the rules.


1.Play by the rules (This is a must)

2.Know the rules (This is also a must)

3.Report Rule breakage (This is also another must)

3.Post on the forums (This can help get noticed by Jagex, but is not required)

4.Be kind and respectful to all players, Jagex likes to represent their company with maturity.

5.Be helpful to player who need help in game or on the forums

6.Have fun, as Jagex likes to see that their players like to have fun instead of JUST reporting players.

7.Befriending a few player moderators higher your chance because they can recommend you.

8.Be mature, use proper grammar so players can take you seriously.

Last:not do like this:

1.Be a Player Mod or Forum Mod wannabe such as criticizing other players in game or on the forums. Jagex are not looking for a ‘police squad’.

2.Sit around and report rule breakers in lumbridge or report auto bots at the yews.

3.Report Falsely or report someone more than once. That is breaking rule 10

4.Go looking for trouble. But let the trouble come to you.

5.Reply to a fellow friend with “Noob” or “what do you want!” but more like, “Hi” or “How can i help you?”

6.Ask Jagex to mod you. you will NOT be modded if this happens.

7.Tell people to “smd” or “stfu”

8.Talk about /b/, as Jagex does not like /b/tards.

9.Troll or Rule Breaking on a different account. Jagex can track your IP Address thus banning your main character.

10Herp and derp, even though everyone in the community herps and derps, which is most likely acceptable.




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