March 4, 2014

Do you want to earn real money by playing Runescape?


When playing massively multi-player games their often comes a time when you are sick of the grind.You no longer want to work for your digital currency because of how long it takes. Maybe you have your eye on a specific weapon that you really want to buy, but do not currently have enough Runescape Gold to purchase it. It is times like this that some gamers turn to purchasing gold for the game from online sellers, using real money.

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In order to enjoy the full benefit of the runescape, you will have to buy the runescape membership every month. Jagex sell membership cards on the internet and in the some real stores like Wal-Mart. But if you do not have the cash or do not want to spend real money in buying rs membership. You can use rs gold to exchange membership. In Runescape 3, if you have enough runescape, you can use your gold to exchange bonds and then you can use the bonds to exchange membership directly on Jagex website, it is very simple.

Do you want to earn real money by playing Runescape? Well, then the RS gold will make your dream come true. Because we buy runescape gold all the time. So whenever you have extra runescape gold, you can just contact us, and we will give you a good offer. The procedure will be like thism after we have reached a price rate, we will meet in the game and you deliver the gold to us face to face. After we get the gold from you, we will send the money to you instantly to your paypal account. If you do not have a paypal account, we can also send via western union, but you will need to bear the WU fee.

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