January 3, 2014

What are the methods to make money in Runescape game


Buy rs gold online has becoming a popular and fast way to get gold in game. With the Runescape 2007 server becomes more popular than EOC server, many websites sells gold online, because there is no difference for the trade method between EOC gold and 2007 gold, some players prefer to buy RS gold online, so let us think how to get safe and fast service are becoming the most important points.
How could they get much more Old School Runescape gold in game?
Skills are a big part of Runescape. If you want to get high levels for your runescape accounts, you need to work a lot on skilling. Each skill is different in its own way. Some skills spark an interest, and others can be boring and slow. Now,we will tell you the some skills that can make much money.

This is also a good way to get rich quick collective steps are as follows: 1) send a necklace with glory to edgeville 2) into the cellar 3) to place spider egg respawn 4) wait patiently picking spider mite eggs there. 7 spider mite eggs can pick it up. 5) of space on the back of the bag is full edgeville banks, continue to the next round.

This approach is relatively simple, no big demands, but the biggest problem is the danger that place in 4-5 wilderness, there may be the PK, but generally thuggish PKer are in deep, deep love of the wild in the dungeon where the frenzied killers are rare.

Profit: a spider egg price is 1K, one hour you can pick up 300, so probably reward is 300K / h.
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